Gerald Fink wins Killian Award; MIT $100K winning entreprene urs; applying AI to drug discovery

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 17, 2018

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Gerald Fink wins faculty’s Killian Award

Biologist honored for his work developing yeast as a model organism for genetic studies.

Device that recycles vaporized water from power plants wins MIT $100K

Eight teams pitched business ideas, and three took home cash prizes, at the annual entrepreneurship competition.

Applying machine learning to challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

MIT researchers and industry form new consortium to aid the drug discovery process.

Professor Emeritus Leon Trilling dies at 93

Aeronautical engineer and historian of technology was an esteemed humanistic thinker and advocate for equality.

Stepping on stage with Beyoncé

Joe Brown '07 has become a successful choreographer and dancer, most recently performing with Beyoncé at this year's Coachella Music Festival.

Featured video: The neuroscience behind "Yanny" vs. "Laurel"

MIT grad students explain why some people hear "Yanny" and others hear "Laurel" in the audio clip that's taken the world by storm.

In the Media

Kerri Corrado of 7 News Boston reported live from this year’s Course 2.007 robot competition, where students put their homemade robots to the test on a Willy Wonka-themed course. The competition “gets the students into the design process, the manufacturing process, the building process and gets their ideas to reality,” said mechanical engineering student John Taylor Novak.

“The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal” is currently on exhibit at the MIT Museum through the end of 2018. The show features drawings by Cajal that “so effectively illustrate now-basic neurological concepts that they are still used in neuroscience textbooks today,” writes Zoë Schlanger for Quartz.

Jeffrey Brown of PBS Newshour sits down with Prof. Daniel Jackson and students to discuss “Portraits of Resilience,” a collection of portraits and essays about individual experiences with mental health issues. “I hoped to capture the personality and charisma of the person that I was interviewing, the strength and the vulnerability,” says Jackson. 

research & innovation

Plug-and-play diagnostic devices

Modular blocks could enable labs around the world to cheaply and easily build their own diagnostics.

CS+HASS SuperUROP debuts with nine research projects

In yearlong program, MIT students apply computer science to humanities, arts, and social science research.

People power

State-level policy in the U.S. is responsive to public opinion, study shows.

Going with the flow

Ken Kamrin’s model of granular material flow could impact how we interact with sand, soil, pills, industrial materials, and more.

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