Google’s 2FA Titan Security Keys Ar e Now Available on the Google Store

5 months ago

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What You Need To Know Today
Google’s 2FA Titan Security Keys Are Now Available on the Google Store
9to5Google | There is a whole ecosystem of 2FA keys, but Google created its own after hearing from enterprise Cloud customers that wanted a first-party solution. Google’s Titan Security Key features custom firmware on the secure element that verifies the physical integrity of the device. The Titan Security Key Bundle contains two devices: a teardrop-shaped fob that’s meant to be carried by users at all times, and a second device that's key-shaped and features USB-A, as well as the currently inactive NFC for Android. The Titan Security Key Bundle costs $50 and is available today on the U.S. Google Store with more regions coming soon.
You'll Be Able to Log into Windows Using Your Google Account (Eventually)
Android Police | Windows 10 includes a variety of methods, referred to as 'Credential Providers,' for logging into user accounts. This includes passwords, Windows Hello (fingerprint/face recognition), and PINs. Microsoft also allows third-party apps to create their own credential providers, and it looks like a future Chrome update will do exactly that.
Passport Numbers Exposed in Air Canada Data Breach
Dark Reading | Air Canada has alerted users of its mobile app of a data breach that exposed personal information – including stored passport numbers – of some 20,000 users. The airline said after noticing "unusual login behavior" on the Mobile+ app from Aug. 22 to 24, it blocked that traffic and locked all Air Canada mobile app accounts. Customers now must reactivate their accounts on the app, which is back up and running.
Cisco Meraki Amps Up Throughput, Wi-Fi to SD-WAN Family
Network World | Getting wide-area network links up and securely running quickly with minimal IT irritation has always been Cisco Meraki’s strong suit. Equipping customers tasked with securely supporting more cloud applications and mobile devices with ever more throughput and the latest connectivity options are the chief goals behind a raft of new model additions to Cisco Meraki’s MX and Z branch-office security appliances.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
25 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know Google Docs Could Do
Fast Company | Whether you’re a Google Docs newbie or an old pro, you’ll learn something — or several somethings — from this how-to extravaganza.
3 Smart Enterprise Productivity Apps
Computerworld | Boomerang, Otter, and Voicera are three new-breed voice and AI apps to help you get more done — though there's a catch.
IT Leadership & Strategy
The Pressure's On: Digital Transformation Seen as a Make-or-Break Proposition for IT Managers
ZDNet | According to a recent survey, 83 percent of IT leaders fear they actually could be fired if their digital transformation efforts fail.
Long Reads
Life on the Internet Is Hard When Your Last Name is 'Butts'
Motherboard | Natalie Weiner, a writer for SB Nation, posted a photo on Twitter of a rejected attempt to create an account on MaxPreps, a website dedicated to high school sports. The reason her account was rejected, according to the site, was because “offensive language discovered in the last name field.” “I get this a lot, surprisingly,” said Kyle Medick. James Butts “knows these problems." These sorts of false positives have been an issue for spam filters pretty much since the beginning of the internet and were so widespread that computer scientists have even christened the issue. They call it the “Scunthrope problem.”
Easily Add Buttons to Improve Links in New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | Google is making it easy to add buttons to the new Google Sites. These are clickable graphics which link to other content within your site or at an external URL. Users often click on buttons more frequently than they click on in-line hyperlinks, so they are a good way to guide people to important content.
How One Man's Mean Coworkers Shamed Him Out of Enjoying This Nice Cardboard Standing Desk
He endured months of relentless ridicule over a simple piece of ergonomic office furniture.

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