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Google has some interesting changes you should be seeing shortly. See the article on Google Search plus Your World.

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Article: Google Search plus Your World

Google is adding a new capability to search, which they call Search plus Your World.

Google is adding three new search features.

The first is Personal Results, which will include information that only you will see. This will include photos and other information you personally posted or that others shared with you.

The second is Profiles, which will let you find people and connect with them.

The third is called People and Pages which will help you find communities that you can follow.

Google will be depending on Google+ to help figure out what belongs to you. Google+ is Google's version of Facebook.

Google says they are building privacy in and you should not be nervous that others can research you more easily than ever, but I suppose they can anyway.

Google is attempting to personalize search to your local community where you spend your time. Most of the people and places you know are where you live, so your search results are going to reflect that.

Your Facebook news feed already does that.

In a way, Google is chasing Facebook.

If you do not like your unique search results with Search plus Your World, Google is providng a button you can click which will show the normal results.

See Google's blog post.



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