GreeneWave MoneyBomb 2012!

7 years ago
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GreeneWave MoneyBomb 2012!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who has donated so far to our first ever GreeneWave alternative media MoneyBomb! In the first two days, we have already raised over fifteen-hundred dollars! Our great start out the gate has been the result of your overwhelming support and commitment to help GreeneWave continue our grassroots media campaign to restore liberty in 2012.


Your Donation Helps!


I want you to know that your donation and contribution matters to our organization and is making a difference. You are having an IMPACT. Your support allows us to continue to grow our message of liberty and helps us build the needed infrastructure and technology to take GreeneWave to the next level. It is our mission to continue our fight against the Mainstream media propaganda machine and drive TRUTH home to millions more people. Your support helps us continue to share the good word and deliver our content to the world free from censorship.


Donate today and Join The Moneybomb 2012!


When I first started GreeneWave back in 2010 after living through the aftershock of the 2008 financial collapse, I had no idea that our simple message of liberty and freedom would take shape and grow into what it is today. In a little over a year, we have quickly grown from just a handful of subscribers and very little traffic to a growing community of tens-of-thousands of people, a brand new radio show, our first appearance on national television and millions of video views on YouTube. YOU made this happen! THANK YOU.


Let's Build a Campaign of Hope in 2012!



Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

The Stop Online Piracy Act is set to pass this Thursday on December 15th and it threatens the very existence of GreeneWave and the ability of our organization to continue to operate free from censorship. This draconian bill is disguised as a piracy bill but can potentially shut us down for good, censors the Internet and threatens the very liberty and freedom of each and every American citizen! This is a very sad day for America and literally tears to shreds the U.S. Constitution. What will they abolish next? The Right to Bear Arms? The Freedom of Religion? Please help us fight SOPA face-to-face in 2012!


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed by the Senate a few weeks ago and grants government agencies such as Homeland Security complete dictatorial power to jail any American citizen without a fair trial and conviction by a jury of your peers. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, you're just guilty! They are disguising this bill as a way to fight terrorism but it is really being implemented to establish the American police state.


Forty members of Congress have sent a letter urging the House and Senate Armed Services Committee leaders to protest provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act that would legalize the indefinite detention of American citizens. Please help us fight the NDAA face-to-face in 2012!


Join Our Campaign in 2012!

Have an idea? Want to help? GreeneWave is looking for all kinds of talented people to help us restore liberty and freedom. Send us your ideas or experience today and help us fight tyranny face-to-face in 2012.




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