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If you've experienced misunderstanding or heartache after a breakup - no matter how much time has passed since then - there's no such thing as truly moving on without a reconciliation in your heart; even if it's only within yourself.

It reveals that love itself heals your past so you can be wholly present in your future. 'Into Me See' is a movie by James Twyman with a special appearance of Neale Donald Walsch.

A feature film workshop on relationships. Into Me See presents us with the challenges we all face with intimate relationships. By allowing us a "fly on the wall" perspective of a reunion between a man and woman who come together for a day of healing after 6 years of separation, we gain new insights into the process of letting go. Do you see yourself in either of the main characters? If you've ever suffered a broken heart or struggled with love and loss, you will find some clues to your transformation and healing in this unique film workshop. Written and Directed by James Twyman.

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