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June 2018


Keeping Your Team Aligned and Thriving


Ever been a part of a hard-working team that just wasn’t getting the results you hoped for? It’s frustrating, but all too common.

Recently, Corel’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, Jason Wesbecher, shared his insights with into why teams often struggle with alignment, as well as some pragmatic advice on how they can alleviate those issues to reach their goals.


Some of Jason’s tips include:

Remembering your “why”
Tracking team buy-in
Keeping information centralized
Staying on top of communication

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Mac Users: Thank You For Your Feedback!

Your feedback is in from the launch of MindManager 11 for Mac, and we are thrilled with what you had to say. For years, Mac users have been telling us what they hoped for in a new MindManager product, and we’re very happy to hear that we’ve been able to meet your expectations. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all our customers who provided feedback and guidance!

MindManager 11 for Mac was also recently reviewed in MacDirectory, and we couldn’t be more flattered!

“All in all, MindManager 11 for Mac is an extremely impressive piece of software.”

“We think the overall design is award-worthy. It’s powerful, yet designed in a way that makes it surprisingly intuitive to pick up.”


GIVE ME 5 … MindManager Enterprise Licenses!

Did you know that companies with 5 or more licenses can now take advantage of MindManager’s enterprise solution? These include:

Advanced features for project management and teamwork, including Microsoft SharePoint integration and Gantt Pro;
The latest Windows and Mac product versions;
Simplified installation through admin setup and a uniform license key; and
Many advantages of the licensing program and MSA, including premium service and support.

MindManager Enterprise is quickly becoming the go-to tool for innovative organizations worldwide. With numerous functions for project, task, information and knowledge management, MindManager has developed into a comprehensive tool for any team or industry. Get your team on board today!


Has Your Team’s Productivity Been Lagging Lately?

Keeping your team working at peak productivity is a challenge all managers can relate to. You obviously can’t address every little factor that keeps your team productive — not without going completely crazy, anyway — so instead it’s best to focus on some major, recurring points of friction that you can control: meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations.

We took a crack at helping you make the most of these essential but generally problematic activities in our latest eBook. With a little shift in thinking, you’ll be able to:

Swap the boring meetings for true collaboration;
Move from brainstorming to problem solving; and
Stop low-value presentations in favor of powerful knowledge sharing.

If you’d like to learn more, take a read through our new 3 Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity with Mind Mapping Software eBook!

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“Dashboards are the best way to visualize your work,” says Wojciech Korsak

“MindManager is a key tool every PM should have in their toolkit,” says Andy Makar

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Ever wonder how others use MindManager in their organization? Get the inside scoop with our customer case studies. You may also be interested in our two newest case studies:

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