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Yesterday I sent you the email below. However, I'm not sure if you had time to read it. So I'm resending it...

Everybody loves a holiday - especially one that’s as fun as St. Patrick’s Day.

Here at, we think good old St. Patrick deserves more than a one- day celebration.

So we’re honoring him for four days.

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To thank you for your loyalty, we’ve decided to offer you a tool that will cut your research time to the bone.

After all, research is the most important aspect of trading.

(You can’t just jump into a trade blindly, right?)

Unfortunately, it can take tons of time to research critical information about stocks you’ve targeted for Earnings Season trades.

Things like…

  • What day a stock’s EA is
  • Whether it’s a before-market or after-market EA
  • And how volatile the stock typically is in the weeks leading up to its EA

  • Getting this information can be mind-numbing work… yet without it, you’re essentially gambling with your hard-earned money.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    You can have all the information you need at your fingertips…

    As well as an algorithmically predicted move of your chosen stock…

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    Having that ability would sure make your research a snap, wouldn’t it?

    Well, it’s available to you now.

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    Pro Options Trader Strategy #1 – Volatility Rush

    Here you take advantage of a stock’s rising Implied Volatility (IV) in the weeks before its EA.

    You do that through buying a long straddle a few weeks ahead of time.

    As the date of the EA gets closer, the stock’s IV typically goes up (often dramatically).

    It tends to peak right before the EA.

    Since it often plunges immediately afterward, you close your position right before that happens.

    Time this trade right and you’ll capture IV at or close to the peak.

    If you’re a member of my Pro Options Trader Tool, you’ll be in prime position to do just that.

    The reason – the proprietary algorithm I mentioned earlier.

    It predicts how much your chosen stock will move in the weeks leading up to its EA.

    And it also gives you a projected date to open the trade.

    Result – this data gives you a better chance at a winning trade.

    Pro Options Trader Strategy #2 – Volatility Crush

    This strategy is perfect for a stock whose price doesn’t move much following its EA.

    Here’s how to trade this strategy:

    1 - Sell a put or call option right before the EA of your chosen stock, when its IV is typically at or near the peak (this will get your account an instant credit for the premium the buyer pays for your option).

    2. Buy back the option you sold right after the EA, when it’s (usually) much cheaper due to a big post-EA drop in IV.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST make sure the stock you play tends to exhibit very low price moves following its EA.

    That’s where the proprietary algorithm that generates predicted moves comes in – it ONLY shows stocks that tend to move 4% or less immediately following their EA.

    And like the Volatility Rush Strategy, it also gives you a prospective date to open the trade.

    Pro Options Trader Strategy #3 – Ride the Wave

    While you could trade options using this strategy, your best bet is to either buy or sell the stock itself.

    The idea is to target multi-day price momentum following a company’s EA.

    There are two types of Ride-the-Wave plays – one for stocks that tend to react positively to post-EAs, and one for stocks that tend to react negatively.

    Once again, our proprietary algorithm gives you a projected date to open the trade and predicts how much your stock will move (in this case the day after its EA, and 7 days afterward).

    See how valuable this information could be for you?

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    Hiral Ghelani
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