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Inside: Thanksgiving Spreadsheets, Bruce Campbell's Video AMA, and Shitty Science Questions!

Six weeks ago, we launched Upvoted.

We wanted to give redditors’ stories the creative space to expand, breathe, and grow. We’ve learned a lot since we launched, and we can’t wait to highlight even more of your original content and unique conversations. Check out the top two Upvoted articles from each week so far, and keep the feedback coming!

In the meantime, the clock is ticking: There are less than 24 hours left to sign up for the 7th annual Secret Santa gift exchange, brought to you by Reddit Gifts. We’re closing in on 110,000 participants—join us in keeping the holiday spirit alive by signing up now. Who doesn’t like presents?!

Finally, we’d like to apologize. In all our excitement over Secret Santa, we almost forgot to wish you a happy early Thanksgiving. Here, have some extra mashed potatoes. On the house.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  CUCUMBERSSCARINGCATS Hey, Internet: Not All Cats Have An Innate Fear Of Cucumbers submitted by Ndulula

Have you visited Reddit’s Cucumbers Scaring Cats community? It’s full of exactly what you’d expect: people sharing videos and gifs of, well, cucumbers scaring cats. Recently, the group’s obsession became a strange Internet trend—so we investigated why these cats are so scared of a little green gourd.

  IAMA Bruce Campbell Stops by for a Groovy Video AMA submitted by ImBruceCampbell

In the latest episode of our AMA video series, Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell shares how he started out unable to “act [his] way out of a wet paper bag” and why he advises redditors not to use pick-up lines. Watch Campbell’s hilarious (and informative) AMA here.

  IAMA Cards Against Humanity Crowdsourced Card Ideas and Mayhem Ensued submitted by Maxistentialist (Photo: CC BY 2.0/Tom Bullock)

The creators of Cards Against Humanity asked redditors for new ideas for cards in future decks. As expected, the community did not disappoint. Check out their suggestions, which spanned from “furries” to “Jolly Rancher gonorrhea nodules.” Oh, the humanity!

  STARWARS Fresno Filmmakers Create Homemade Version of New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer
submitted by troyisprettydamncool

Imagine a Star Wars universe where cardboard is the greatest, most abundant resource in the galaxy—and that might explain this epic, homemade version of the new A Force Awakens trailer. A group of friends and Star Wars fans spent a month battling plastic toy soldiers and flying plastic X-wings to make this trailer a viral hit.

  ASKREDDIT What Would the Person Who Named Walkie Talkies Have Named Other Items? submitted by dirtknapp

If a portable two-way voice radio is called a “walkie talkie,” why not call spoons “soupie scoopies”? And farts, obviously, would have to be called “Bootie Tooties.” Find out the new rhyming names of all your favorite whatchamacallems (including condoms, forks, bras, and more!) in this illustrated Ask Reddit thread.

  FOOD This Thanksgiving Dinner Spreadsheet Will Put Your Organizational Skills to Shame submitted by alanpep

Need proof that moms rule the world? Take a look at how this Reddit user’s mother plans her Thanksgiving dinner. User alanpep posted the spreadsheet in Reddit’s Food community, and instantly put our T-Day contributions to shame. (But if you want to prepare a more modest Thanksgiving feast, try out a turkey recipe from the Great Depression.)

  AWW Meet Fidel: The Famous, People-Watching Pooch From Bruges submitted by Mr_Dreamer

He may not sit or shake, but he can lie down and stay—and contemplate humanity from the window of his idyllic bed-and-breakfast. Find out why redditors are obsessed with this cute old labrador from Belgium.

  AWWDUCATIONAL The Pink Fairy Armadillo Burrows Like Nobody’s Business
submitted by YoSoyUnPayaso

This tiny tunneler may look like a guinea pig with pink armor, but it’s every bit as magical as its name suggests. Learn all about this strange, cute, and easily stressed-out armadillo. (Can’t get enough weird animals? You’ll love the Surinam toad.)

  ASKHISTORIANS Have You Heard This Song About Dildos From the Year 1600?
submitted by Epistaxis

Speaking of magical pink things that fit in your pocket, did you know there’s a song written over 400 years ago that’s all about dildos? (Warning: Once you click play, you will have a deeply inappropriate-sounding song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.)

  COMICBOOKS What Do Very Long Ears on Batman Say About Him? Quite a Bit, Actually. submitted by Prooffread3r (Photo: DC Comics)

Size matters to Batman fans. Especially when it comes to his pointy ears. A Reddit user explains how the Dark Knight’s image as a hero can be directly related to the length of his ears.

  TODAYILEARNED You May Be Closer to Kevin Bacon Than You Think submitted by SAT0725 (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/Rawpixel Ltd)

That whole “six-degrees of separation” thing? It’s even less than you think now, thanks to social media. A post in Reddit’s Today I Learned community revealed that it doesn’t actually take six degrees—or Kevin Bacon—to find your connection with most people in the world.

  ASKREDDIT What’s the Hardest Thing You’ve Had to Say No to? submitted by ChunkyBlaze

Reddit user ChunkyBlaze recently posed this question to the Reddit community, and, well, some of the answers might make your eyeballs sweat a bit. It’s okay. We can pretend like it’s just allergies together.

  S***TYASKSCIENCE Shitty Watercolour Illustrates: Shitty Science Questions submitted by Maggin1

Reddit’s artist-in-residence Shitty_Watercolour has brought to life five questions from Reddit’s Shitty Ask Science community—where users pose purposefully silly questions like, “Do spiders in Europe have 2.4384 meters instead of 8 feet?” These cute illustrations might not be very scientific, but hey—there are no stupid questions, right?


Ever wonder what the Milky Way looks like at night from 34,000 feet? Reddit user Skycatcher5, an airline pilot, captured a photograph of just that—and the view is spectacular.

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