HitmanPro Can Rescue Your Computer from a Bad Virus

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Internet Handholding Newsletter 2013-02-04

Hello Do,

Virus problems?

See the article for a fantastic program that defeated a bad virus.

If you get hit by a virus that other programs cannot fix, before reinstalling Windows, see if this program can help you.

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Article: HitmanPro Can Rescue Your Computer from a Bad Virus

A friend of mine told me her computer had been hit by a virus. She took her computer to Best Buy to get it fixed. Best Buy told her they would have to wipe her hard disk clean.

A few weeks earlier, I had been hit by the horrendous MoneyPak virus that holds your computer for ransom and does not let you do a thing.

See this article for a fantastic program that rescued both our computers and might be able to save yours.

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