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Plus: "Unnecessary" "Quotes," Tom Hanks vs. Godzilla, and Coldplay's Newest Whale?

Another week, another email full of the best content you missed on Reddit this week.

Adam Savage showed up to regale us with stories from behind the scenes on Star Wars and some guy named Tom showed up, too (more on that below). One of my favorite AMAs this week was with an NFL expert who settled the Brady vs. Manning debate. And don’t worry if you’re not into American football—there was a lot more on Reddit this week (which shouldn’t surprise you given that more people used Reddit today alone than live in all of Tokyo).

Only on Reddit would you find a riveting narrative about the trash creature in the Death Star and hop over to find NASA answering fourth graders’ questions about Martian life, and a bunch of amazing redditor-made illustrations of a dude with his cat. The Internet is a magical place.

We discovered some new great communities that you need in your life, like Cats In Business Attire and Awwnverts (for cute invertebrates) which will entertain you for days, so be sure to subscribe after checking out the highlights below. And we’re still fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by playing video games as part of Extra Life 2015—join our team!

Finally, we celebrated the end of Season 1 of the Upvoted podcast this week. We’ve got something pretty exciting planned for next week on r/upvoted, but in the meantime, be sure to listen to our final episode because it’s the story of a really remarkable young woman.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  HOLDMYCATNIP Nine Lives? Always Land on Their Feet? Cats Make the Best Action Stars.
submitted by __CATPOOP__

Say hi to Hold My Catnip, the feline companion to the Hold My Beer community. Instead of human daredevils, it’s filled with cats tempting fate—by sprinting into a giant mouse wheel, holding a rave in a closet, and skateboarding on a Swiffer. (If you prefer more conservative cats, meet Kevin, the head boss over at Cats in Business Attire.)

8 read more 166
  ASKREDDIT Tom Hanks Writes a Six-Word Horror Story
Godzilla is angry. Not at me.  Tom_Hanks_

Tom Hanks stopped by the movies and AskReddit communities to share the scariest movie scene he’s ever witnessed, what “luxury item” we all need to buy, and a little known fact about his job.

19 read more 572
  VIDEOS Gamer Beats Hardest ‘Super Mario Maker’ Level, Tears Follow
submitted by Voultapher

User Voultapher posted this video of a Japanese gamer beating an insanely difficult level in Super Mario Maker. It’s a beautiful ballet of video game mastery—with perfectly timed leaps onto flying shells and falling “Power” buttons. When he finally makes it to the end, the well-deserved water works begin.

427 read more 3844
  MICROSOFT One Generous Redditor Helps Out a Lucky Fire Station
My fire department is volunteer-based and runs on a very tight budget serving almost 20,000 people and businesses. We just don’t have any money for entertainment items …  nerrinc

In other heartwarming video game news, a firefighter asked Reddit’s Microsoft community for help contacting the company about some pro bono games for the station’s volunteers. Instead of offering advice, one redditor decided to personally donate a new Xbox, which inspired a chain reaction of kindness in the comments.

32 read more 84
  UNNECESSARYQUOTES “Unnecessary” Quotes “Can” Be “Entertaining” submitted by ReallyWeirdNormalGuy

User ReallyWeird”Normal”Guy snapped a picture of this sign from an “adult toy store” (the full photo is NSFW). Other “fans” of unnecessary quotation marks shared an ominous note from the Hampton Hotel and a “really” confusing “message” from one redditor’s “office.”

4 read more 76
  MASHUPS Coldplay Has a New Lead Singer—And It’s a Whale
This whale should win a Grammy.  jonsabillon

User darwin_green created a mashup of a famous Coldplay anthem and a mournful whale song, and the collaboration may bring you to tears. Best of all, it inspired user benpaco to make a whole album of human-whale mashups—featuring Ed Sheeran, Eminem, the Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Rihanna, and some very talented whales.

39 read more 491
  FOODHACKS Hacking the Egg
submitted by SavajOutdoors

The kitchen MacGyvers of Reddit’s Food Hacks community have discovered new ways to enjoy the noble egg. Learn how to boil an egg inside a potato, make muffins out of omelettes (or omelettes out of muffins?), and scramble an egg inside its shell.

11 read more 29
  AWWNVERTS Do You Like Sea Slugs? (“What Are Sea Slugs?”) submitted by SeriesOfAdjectives

See? Slugs! The invertebrate-loving Awwnverts community appreciates all things adorable and devoid of vertebrae—like this poor little emerald crab with an anemone stuck to his head.

22 read more 511

Can you appreciate the beauty in morbid images? Reddit’s Morbidly Beautiful community finds inspiration in butterflies feeding on a dead fish, Tibetan skull carvings, and fossils from a fatal dinosaur battle.

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