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Holiday Conversions | WordPress Themes | B2B

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November 8, 2016

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Google Shopping Defaults Are Profit Killers

Using Google’s recommended settings could be crippling your business. Google Shopping has incredible potential for retailers to increase traffic and conversions, but only if you know how to optimize your account structure. This report uncovers advanced tactics that will help maximize your profitability.



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8 Ways to Harness Holiday Conversions

The holiday shopping season is already here. If you have ignored many of the urges over the past few months, get ready. There are a few things you can do to help reap the benefits of what is to be the most successful year ever for ecommerce...

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14 New WordPress Business Themes for 2016

There is a constant stream of new WordPress themes to build seemingly any type of business website or ecommerce store. Use a theme to launch a business website quickly, without a great deal of expense. Here is a list of new business themes for WordPress in 2016...

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Ecommerce Brand Loyalty Research Study

Download GutCheck's research results to explore consumers' online decision-making processes and understand what factors influence purchasing behavior, brand switching, and repeat purchasing decisions, including which ecommerce channels the respondents use. 



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If Your Ecommerce Business Fails, Consider These 4 Things

Not every online store is a success. In fact, many experts believe that most ecommerce businesses will fail. But failure is not the end for an entrepreneur. It is, instead, a lesson or even an opportunity to start a new, better business. When your online store fails...

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SEO: To Drive Shoppers, Let the Bots In

We rely on search engines to drive shoppers to our sites to purchase our products. Before the shoppers can come, however, you have to let the bots in. It sounds more like science fiction than marketing, but everything in natural search depends upon search engines’ algorithms...

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Does B2B Ecommerce Eliminate Sales Teams?

The success of many business-to-business companies was built through a strong sales team. This causes B2B owners and managers to often resist ecommerce because they see it as competing with those sales personnel. But the B2B market is radically changing...

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