Hopes&Fears wants to shine a light on the lesser-known corners of the modern urban experience: The latest from Nieman Lab

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hopes&Fears wants to shine a light on the lesser-known corners of the modern urban experience

“We’re trying to create a nice, classically built magazine around that, online.” By Shan Wang.
The New York Times prioritizes commenters by placing them at the center of its homepage What We’re ReadingRecode / Ina FriedThe virtual reality market could be worth a total of $70 billion by 2020 →That number includes the value of both hardware and software and would be a tenfold increase from the $6.7 billion that market researcher TrendForce expects the industry to generate next year.Advertising Age / Angela DolandThe state of adblocking in China →About 10 to 12 percent of ads delivered to personal computers in China are being blocked, according to a study by Omnicom’s PHD agency. Many of China’s big internet companies also offer adblocking browsers. Slate / Lily Hay NewmanA lot of top websites are going to start loading way faster now →Website infrastructure company Cloudflare says that sites are loading about 72 percent or three seconds faster across its network with the HTTP/2 protocol enabled, compared with sites running on HTTP/1.1.The Wall Street Journal / Mike ShieldsInside Refinery29’s Snapchat Discover Operation →“Women-focused digital publisher churns out 14 pieces of content, 7 days a week.” Mashable / Chloe SchneiderMashable is starting a cooking show, shot on a phone →“We are scheduling time for our host and two cooks from the esteemed America’s Test Kitchen to be available live on Periscope and Twitter to help you, your friends, and your family create and prepare the dish.”The New York Times / John Koblin and Ravi SomaiyaHow news organizations cover repeated mass shootings →“There are people that we go to, sources that we go to, angles that we go to over and over again,” said Rashida Jones, the managing editor of MSNBC. “It’s like we’re almost doing a mental checklist of ‘who do we talk to, what questions to ask, and what’s the care or touch or perspective we need to put on this story.’ You almost mentally build a playbook as you do it over and over again.”Poynter / Melody KramerWhy news organizations are still hesitant to consider HTTPS →“The biggest problem is third-party advertising networks which news organizations rely upon for a large part of their revenue.”Time.com / Josh SanburnMTV is trying to name the post-millennial generation ‘the founders’ →According to MTV President Sean Atkins, millennials have disrupted society, and the young’uns of the generation after will need to rebuild it. Politico / Hadas GoldThe Huffington Post has been categorizing its “Good News” vertical as Politics on ComScore →In October, the Good News vertical contributed about 6.5 million unique visitors to the HuffPost Politics section’s 20 million unique visitors for the month, according to ComScore.Digiday / Garett SloaneA cool $1 million: The Twitter price tag on a Moments ad →“$1 million was the price on the table. It was a bundled price — you had to buy the Moment as well as a Promoted Trend and media in Twitter,” said one top entertainment advertiser. “We haven’t done it yet as we need the price to come down.” From Fuego Journalists storm San Bernardino shooters’ apartment after landlord pries open door —ma​shable.c​om
What the Hell Just Happened on MSNBC and CNN? —ww​w.theatlantic.c​om
Why do data journalists keep missing the political story of the year? —ww​w.washingtonpost.c​om
2015 was not the year of HTTPS for news organizations —ww​w.poynter.o​rg
Snapchat’s Move Into Real-Time News is Fascinating —fo​rtune.c​om
Fuego is our heat-seeking Twitter bot, tracking the stories the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about most. Usually those are about journalism and technology, although sometimes they get distracted by politics, sports, or GIFs. (No humans were involved in this listing, and linking is not endorsing.) Check out Fuego on the web to get up-to-the-minute news.

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