How I launched a best-selling book

4 years ago
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Launching a best-selling book is simple. One part great writing, a few promotional strategies, and... sorry I couldn’t keep up that charade much longer.
The reality is that launching a best-selling book is incredibly difficult. At least, it is without the right formula.
My most recent book, The Art of Work, was my fourth book and my first bestseller. 
My previous book, The In-Between, did well, but nothing like this one. In fact, we MORE THAN DOUBLED the sales of my last book in the first week with The Art of Work.
But how? What makes the difference between a good book that sells OK and one that is a runaway success?
Jeff, how do you write a best-seller?
That’s the question many of you are dying to know the answer to. But the question itself is flawed. 
The question isn’t how do you write a best-seller. It’s how do you promote a book well so that it becomes a best-seller. 
They are called best sellers for a reason. They sold well. Don’t get me wrong; bad books don’t usually sell well. But there isn’t a list for best-written books or best-researched books.
Success, at least in the eyes of others, is based on one important metric: SALES.
So, how do you launch a bestseller?
I learned how to do this when promoting The Art of Work. After years of doing it the wrong way, I finally executed a strategy that worked. Much of it was new to me, much of it I made up along the way. But it worked. Better than expected.
And it can work for you, too.
On May 20th I’ll reveal the exact strategy we used to launch a best-selling book.
I will let you take a peek behind the curtain to see what I did, step by step. You’ll learn what worked and what didn’t. You’ll learn the one thing you need to launch a bestseller (and it’s not a larger list, more web site traffic, or knowing Oprah).
And I’ll share the key strategy I used that resulted in more than half of my book sales... and how you can do it, too.
But there’s a catch. You can only get access to this live event if you purchase one of the packages in my new Art of Work Course by tomorrow (Monday, May 4) night at 11:59pm PT.
Register here:
This training alone could be worth — well, what would writing a bestseller mean to you? Think about that.
This isn’t theory, and it’s definitely not outdated. What I’ll share with you in less than three weeks worked this year to launch a bestseller. 
It can work for you, too, if you sign-up today.
Join me in The Art of Work Writer Track
I look forward to sharing with you!
P.S. Even if you can’t attend the live training, the replay will be available to those people who register by Monday, May 4 at 11:59pm PT. Register today to learn how to launch YOUR bestseller:
P.P.S. I understand that not everyone is ready for this. Maybe you simply can't commit the time right now, or maybe you're already crystal clear on your path and hustling as hard as you can... If that's you, that's cool. Click here and I won't say another word about it to you, but you'll still get blog posts and other great content from time to time.
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