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One of the things that’s bugged me for years is that the world’s best writers don’t always get the attention they deserve.
Maybe you’ve noticed this, too. Fair or not, the most popular authors, bloggers, and speakers aren’t always the ones with the most talent. And if that bothers you as well, it should.
The people who succeed are those who best understand how the system works.
 For years, I’ve been a student of online marketing and blogging and what it takes to get your message heard. And I’ve discovered, from observing hundreds of case studies and through trial and error, a way out of this rat race.
You don’t have to write words and hope they get noticed. Creativity is not a crap shoot. If you know the rules, you can use the system to beat the system.No, friend. You don’t have to be a starving artist. You can succeed, if you know the path to get there.
Today, we officially open registration for my popular Tribe Writers course, which has now taught over 4000 students what it takes to become a professional writer.
This is a course that will help you accomplish the following:Identify your true writing voice and start using it in all your communication.

Build a platform through mastering the art of blogging.

Expand your reach and find your 1000 true fans.

Publish your work and start making your first $1000 as a writer.
If you’ve been promising yourself that you would one day build a platform and get your message out there, today is that day.
And since I’m a big fan of people taking action and want to encourage you to not put this off, I’m giving away a bonus to anyone who buys either the Standard or Premium version of the course. Here’s what you get:Student: If you sign up for the standard version of the course before the early bird deadline, you’ll get one free license to my favorite word processor, Scrivener (a $45 value).

Premium: If you sign up for the premium version of the course before the early bird deadline, you’ll get Scrivener, PLUS a ticket to next year’s Tribe Conference (a $400 value). You’re responsible for getting yourself to the conference in Nashville next September, but once you get here, your ticket is on us!
Honestly, I was nervous about giving these things away. But I believe so much in Tribe Writers and in taking action early I wanted to make this a no-brainer.
Don’t wait another minute to become the writer you were meant to be.
Sign up today, and claim those bonuses before it’s too late!
Join Tribe Writers now.
P.S. All these go away on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific time. So don’t miss it. Join 4000 others who have decided to become a professional writer. Get started now.
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