How to Win Bigger Media Sales: Digital, Print, TV, Outdoor; All Media

3 years ago
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Masters Of Media Selling


San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles

 Masters of Media Selling
Save $200 with Early Bird Savings


San Francisco - Sept. 23-24

Chicago - October 6-7

New York - November 17-18

Los Angeles - December 8-9



Win more of the right appointments at the right time.
Open the sales conversation more effectively.
Persuade more convincingly, making it literally hard to say no.
Probe for and handle objections more deftly.
Close more business than your competitors with Masters of Media Selling.

    It is time to get serious about sales for fall '15 and beyond!  Learn how to win hard-to-get appointments with higher level decision makers, how to engage and influence senior marketing executives more persuasively, and how to close more deals by asking for the right things.  Bring yourself or your sales people with the most potential.  Sign up soon for the limited space seminar with personal attention to your selling situations and types of clients.
    Masters of Media Selling know the Five Secrets that separate the great sellers from the rest...and you can learn them with this short video.  Just click here for 15 minutes that will help you win far more business. Better yet, sign up here for the Masters of Media Selling Course, now scheduled for four great ad-buying and selling cities:

September 23-24  San FranciscoOctober 6-7  ChicagoNovember 17-18  New York CityDecember 8-9 Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

1.  Get more senior level appointments:  Too many sales efforts begin and end with the "buyer" when sales people should be calling on the buyers' superiors.  Buyers just want to please their bosses and clients...if you aren't calling on the influencers, you'll never become a sales master.
2.  Open your meeting by winning the respect and the ear of senior level customers and prospects.  Win genuine attention from your prospects by showing them you understand their situation...and bring valuable information and perspective.  Only then will senior people tell you what you really need to know to win more business.
3.  Persuade through logic that starts with very easy agreement:  Is your sales presentation a persuasion or simply propaganda?  Masters know how to achieve agreement in the early stages and proceed logically from agreement to agreement to persuade most successfully.
4.  Seek objections so you can handle them:  If no objection has been expressed in a sales call, the client isn't engaged.  They just want you out of the office or off the phone as quickly and politely as possible.  Masters know how to probe for, welcome, and handle objections.
5.  Ask for the achievable: Close on action that will advance the sale.  Many sales managers are seeing an epidemic of "good calls" that have no further result.  Often the sales person has been promised they'll receive an RFP but the prospect has no serious plan to pay attention to the proposal when it arrives.  Masters know how to ask for a commitment that truly advances the sale.

     Learn more about the Five Secrets here.  And join Masters of Media selling if you aspire to win bigger accounts, new accounts, and bigger commitments from your prospects through improved skills to win appointments, more persuasive presentations that open the clients' minds up to changing their points of view (the only way we win more business or new business) without admitting they were wrong before. 

     Masters of Media Selling is a small-group, intensive, two days to become more skilled at the key skills that are the difference between average and great. Participants get individual attention to solve their toughest sales problems and win their biggest opportunities. Sign up now!

Have questions about whether Masters of Media Selling is right for you or your team?  Contact me here:


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