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Thrifty Tips (March 16, 2019)If you are looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow night, check out Atossa's east Instant Pot recipe for corned beef. Or pick up corned beef when it goes on sale and make this next week.
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Instant Pot Corned Beef and Vegetables

By attosa

I make corned beef and veggies every March in honour of my late grandfather. He was born on St. Patrick's day and absolutely adored corned beef. Now, this is first time I've tried making it all in my Instant Pot. I'm so happy I did because it was so incredibly delicious and super tender. This is by far my favourite method for making this dish.

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Rubber Band for Slippery Shampoo Bottle

By Linda L.

Shampoo, body wash and other bottles in the shower are really slippery. Today, I dropped one and it cracked and a favorite and expensive product went down the drain. I finally thought to put a wide rubber band from produce on the bottle which provides a secure grip. Easy effective and free

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Find Parking Meters With Time Left

By 15mhhm15

If there are parking meters in your area and parking is not limited, try to pull into a parking space that still has some money left from the previous car.

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Pot of Gold Fridge Decor

By tiffanytallent1981

I thoroughly enjoy decorating for every holiday, but I hardly have money for expensive items. And this year, my employer is having me decorate the break room as well! I decided to decorate the fridge door and to incorporate every associate into the St. Patrick's Day theme. Making pots of gold was the easiest choice and turned out absolutely adorable.

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Car Wash Mitt from Knit Hat

By rbeard729

If you need a car wash mitt then use an old winter knit hat. This would probably apply to snow and freezing areas, where residents have winter wear. I have also used an old sock, but this would work better. The hat rinses out very easily and doesn't scratch surfaces.

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Pesto Pizza Bagels

This is a short video on how to make pesto bagel pizzas.

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Spring Pouf Wreath

By Sandi/Poor But Proud

I have seen these done, but never tried it till now. Boy, it was really hard without the proper tools, but I know better now. When you do this, don't try it without the "T" pins. They are invaluable.

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