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Hello Do,   Besides the weekly newsletter, every few days or so, I will be sending you a short tip.   The tips will rotate through a variety of subjects and will start with the easiest and most important ideas first.   Many will come from our old articles, to catch you up with what longtime subscribers already know.   Some of the subjects are: Computers Email Internet Life Management Networking WebsitesTip about finding Articles by Subject   This first tip is to help you find your way around www.InternetHandholding.com.   You can find articles on this page. www.internethandholding.com/Articles.aspx   Below the title of each article is a word like Windows or Email. You can click on these words to get a list of articles for that subject.   Enjoy Health, Happiness and Prosperity,
Andrew Weitzen   www.InternetHandholding.com
Bronze Inc., PO BOX 14303, Gainesville, FL 32604, USA
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