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Hello Do,   I try to add a little life into Internet Handholding. Hope you enjoy this story.   Picked up my niece from school one day, and after annoying her for a bit, I stopped by a couple of stores looking for something.

She said, "I will wait in the car."

I told her, she should always get out of the car.

"Always get out of the car" is one of those entries in my version of that book that we all keep of Rules To Live By.

Even if it is only for a minute, I always try to get out of the car. It makes me feel like I did something.

My niece reminded me of a story my dad told.   See the rest here. www.internethandholding.com/Articles/tabid/153/Internet-Marketing/15/Always-Get-Out-of-the-Car.aspx   Enjoy Health, Happiness and Prosperity,
Andrew Weitzen   www.InternetHandholding.com
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