Internet Handholding Tip How to Pick a Domain Name

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Hello Do,   When you are ready to start a website, you will need to get a domain name. You may already have a domain name, but is it a good one?   One domain name is rarely enough. More is better. Do not go crazy, but do not handcuff yourself with a name that does not help you.   One website is not enough either, but we will save that for later.   The criteria in order of importance is to pick a domain name that: People type in People remember and is easy to spell Has keywords that search engines love Ends in dot com, preferably Ends in dot biz, info, net, org or us, otherwise Or is a single word or two in a country codeSee this article for How to Pick a Domain Name. http://www.domainnames.gs/Articles/tabid/249/domain-name/144/How-to-Pick-a-Domain-Name-for-Your-Business.aspx   May You Enjoy Health, Happiness and Prosperity,
Andrew Weitzen   Note: if you need help buying domain names, contact us. You can buy domain names from us by going to www.DomainNames.gs (the underlying registrar is Nework Solutions or Directi). If you buy domain names via our partner account, you get added value. We give you a bunch of one-way back links from many of our websites to help promote your websites.   www.DomainNames.gs
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