Invitation to a lecture by the distinguished scholar Mercy Amba Oduyoye (Accra): A Profile of Contemporary Christianity

3 years ago

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The Faculty of Theology and the Centre for African Studies Basel are most
privileged to invite for the public lecture by Prof. Dr. theol. h.c. mult.
Mercy Amba Oduyoye (Ghana) with subsequent reception.
Oduyoye has profiled the field of contextual theology from a gender
perspective. As a pioneer in African femimist theology she characterized
it as an „irruption into the irruption“ within contextual
theologizing. As the founder of the Circle of Concerned African Women
Theologians (1989), she facilitated networking and international exchange
amongst critical African theologians. By this African feminist discourses
featured on the global academic scene.
Oduyoye has held numerous important functions in the world ecumenical field
and served as Youth Education Secretary of the World Council of
Churches/World Council of Christian Education, Geneva (1967-70), as Youth
Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches, (1970-73) and as
Deputy General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (1987-94). In
the academic field she was Visiting professor in African, European,
Northern American universities (i.a. Harvard, Union Theological Seminary).
With her research she has covered a broad range of topics such as
The Function of African Beliefs and Practices in the Development of
Christian Theology in Africa;Trends in Christian Theology in
Africa;Feminist Perspectives on Christianity and culture in Africa;Women
and Ritual in Africa;A Religio–cultural study of women in three West
African communities;Power and Accountability in missionary Policy: the
case of the Methodist church in Nigeria 1840 –1960;Missiological Issues
relating to Women Religion and Culture in Africa;Gender, Religion and good
governance in Ghana.
Hearing and Knowing: Theological Reflections on Christianity in Africa,
Orbis Books, New York 1996 (translated into German).Daughters of Anowa:
Women and Patriarchy. Orbis Book Maryknoll 1995.Introducing African
Women’s Theology: Sheffield Academic Press 2001.Beads and Strands:
Reflections of an African Woman on Christianity in Africa 2004.
Date: 26.11.2015
Time: Thursday, 18.15-20.00
Venue: Kollegiengebäude, Nr. 120, Universität Basel
The lecture will be followed by a reception at the Faculty of Theology
(Nadelberg 10) just a few minutes walk from the main lecture hall.
Flyer (pdf) (Link:
)Programme of lecture series (pdf) (Link:
The lecture is part of Prof. Andreas Heuser’s series of public lectures
on “Basel Mission History (1815-2015) – Controversies, Actors and
Global Micro-Spaces”.
Centre for African Studies Basel (Link: Link)

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