IRS Watch: Tax relief for storm victims in Nebraska, Oklahoma

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IRS warns of higher penalties for filing after June 14
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IRS Watch
Jun 12, 2019
Upcoming Events
Jun 12, 2019
Tax relief for storm victims in Nebraska, Oklahoma
By Jeff Stimpson
Some taxpayers affected by the severe winter weather and flooding in those states are being granted additional time to file.
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IRS warns of higher penalties for filing after June 14
By Michael Cohn
The Internal Revenue Service issued a warning Friday to taxpayers who haven’t yet filed their 2018 tax returns.
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What taxpayers really think
By Jim Buttonow
7 insights from the latest IRS Survey on Taxpayer Attitudes.
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Tax pros report ‘record-setting’ number of extensions
By Jeff Stimpson
The TCJA and taxpayer confusion led to more returns than normal being scheduled for after April 15.
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AICPA offers recommendations for IRS priority guidance plan
By Danielle Lee
The American Institute of CPAs submitted more than 140 recommendations to the Internal Revenue Service regarding its 2019-20 Guidance Priority List.
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Preparers hopeful but wary of new efforts to regulate prep
By Jeff Stimpson
Tax practitioners are strongly in favor of weeding out the incompetent and unethical.
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Special Report: Tax Office of Tomorrow
This special report examines the latest state of play, and looks ahead to changes on the horizon for the tax practitioner.
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IRS commissioner: ‘You’re going to be seeing a lot of me’
By Daniel Hood
Charles Rettig wants to see a ‘fully functioning’ Internal Revenue Service -- on both service and enforcement.
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In the blogs: What is Uncle Sam’s cut?
By Jeff Stimpson
Dismal Data Book; another state to collect remote sales tax; new polish for old scams; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.
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Why lease accounting projects fail
25% of compliance projects failed in 2018. Read what went wrong and how to avoid critical mistakes
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How to recruit, retain and retrain the best →
ASC 842 new lease accounting project failures & lessons learned →
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