Is Circa back? The mobile app might be returning via local TV stations: The latest from Nieman Lab

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Is Circa back? The mobile app might be returning via local TV stations

The website circanews.com is now registered to Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest TV station groups in the United States. By Joseph Lichterman.

Bloomberg TV’s What’d You Miss? thinks of linear TV as “a source of content for online video”

“I’m thinking less about the standard linear TV viewer, and more about how it’s going to play on multiple platforms, how it’s going to play on social.” By Shan Wang.
The Google-backed First Draft Coalition launches a site to help journalists verify social content What We’re ReadingThe New York Times / Bassey EtimMeet some of The New York Times’ top commenters →Including a 95-year-old who comments in poetry. “Intelligence failure my eye! A Cheney-Bush-Condi baked Pie!”Talking Points Memo / Josh Marshall“The fundamental reality of digital publishing is an oversupply of publications” →Talking Points Memo’s founder on the site’s shifting business model: “All the mumbojumbo about the interwebs and digital this and digital that pale in comparison to this simple fact: monopolies are far more profitable than non-monopolies.”Poynter / Benjamin MullinAlex MacCallum named head of video at The New York Times →She was director of audience development and will continue to “provide strategic insight” in that role.TechCrunch / Sarah PerezAxel Springer subsidiary WeltN24 is taking an iOS content blocker to court →Specifically, explains the law firm representing Blockr, Axel Springer wanted to prohibit Blockr’s developers from being able to “offer, advertise, maintain and distribute the service” which can be used today to block ads on welt.de, including the website’s mobile version.BBC NewsThe British government is investing £85 million a year in the BBC World Service through 2020 →The money is to help ‘build the global reach of the World Service” to half a billion people and “increase access to news and information.’ Washington Post / Julia CarpenterAn army of history nerds is turning archival material into beautiful gifs →“Throughout October and into November, artists, librarians, GIF makers and more were invited to explore the Digital Public Library of America’s archives for openly licensed and public domain material — and then to give those documents, film reels and illustrations new life on the Internet.”The Telegraph / Christopher WilliamsBritain’s biggest mobile operator proposes offering its customers the option to restrict advertising content →EE’s chief executive has launched a strategic review to look at options for creating new tools for subscribers that would allow them to block some forms of advertising on the mobile web and potentially within apps, such as banners that pop up on top of pages or videos that play automatically. Poynter / Rick EdmondsDigital is gaining fast on broadcast for political advertising →“The old broadcast-heavy model works with old people. They watch more news programming and turn out disproportionately to vote. But political marketers like others cannot ignore millennials and their smartphones.”AFPDow Jones and Pearson are selling their stakes in Russia’s last liberal daily →“The agreement will see Russia’s last liberal daily be put completely under Russian control and will make it more vulnerable to Kremlin pressure, media experts said.”Wikimedia / J. Nathan MatiasA summary of research about online harassment →“Valuable scholarship on harassment and its responses has emerged in recent years, but it is often scattered across disciplines and methodologies…We connect and summarize these disparate efforts, with a focus on scholarly literature and reports by organizations.”The Washington Post / Paul FarhiNPR is graying, and public radio is worried about it →“Listening among Morning Edition’s audience, for example, has declined 20 percent among people under 55 in the past five years. Listening for All Things Considered has dropped about 25 percent among those in the 45-to-54 segment…The median NPR listener was 45 years old in 1995; now he or she is 54.”Business Insider / Nathan McAloneThe man behind Jon Stewart’s new HBO project lays out his vision of the future of media →“You will have a pair of sunglasses, and you can switch it from glasses mode, to VR mode as you wish. The VR will expand to fill your field of vision, or you can watch it in a little window,” said Jules Urbach, CEO of the virtual reality company OTOY.The EconomistAmerican dailies lost around $30 billion in ad spending between 2005 and 2014 →Each drop in revenues is being met, in most cases, with a fresh cull of newsroom staff.Digiday / Lucia MosesVox.com is Snapchat’s newest Discover publisher →“The solution Vox.com came up with was to distill the card stacks into definitions of terms, charts, maps and short videos of first-person experiences around a topic.”BuzzFeed / Brendan KlinkenbergWIRED is creating a longform documentary series to debut on Netflix →“Think: ‘Chef’s Table’ — for designers,” according to an internal memo from Wired publisher Kim Kelleher.Politico Media / Joe PompeoPiano Media to launch print magazine covering the media business →“The as-yet-untitled magazine is being created by Piano Media, a company known for developing paid digital technologies for publishers including Time Inc. and News Corp. Its editor in chief will be Patrick Appel, who announced his new gig in a farewell email to employees of POLITICO, where he served as digital editor of POLITICO Magazine until Friday.” From Fuego Dear Media, Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump’s Polls —fi​vethirtyeight.c​om
Glenn Greenwald for CNN ombudsman —ww​w.washingtonpost.c​om
The Best Donald Trump Interview Ever —ww​w.gq.c​om
A new site launches today, offering a place to explore the intersection of news and social media —ww​w.poynter.o​rg
ShotSpotter recording of street argument raises potential privacy issues —ww​w.southcoasttoday.c​om
Fuego is our heat-seeking Twitter bot, tracking the stories the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about most. Usually those are about journalism and technology, although sometimes they get distracted by politics, sports, or GIFs. (No humans were involved in this listing, and linking is not endorsing.) Check out Fuego on the web to get up-to-the-minute news.

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