Is Florida making another run at a carrier? Virginia senators think so

8 months ago

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Is Florida making another run at a carrier? Virginia senators think so

Saturday, Jun 16

Virginia senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are opposing a proposed amendment to the Senate defense bill that, they fear, would mark the first step in moving a Norfolk-based aircraft carrier to Florida.

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Newport News cryotherapy business 'brrr'inging the cold to help people with pain, workout recovery

Cryotherapy business open in Newport News.

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Poquoson to work with USDA, Langley to curb goose population

In what has been described as a win-win situation for the city of Poquoson and Langley Air Force Base, officials from both entities are teaming up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to mitigate the goose population in the area.


VDOT to hold public hearings on Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel expansion

The Virginia Department of Transportation is holding two open-house meetings this week in Hampton and Norfolk about the environmental impact of the planned expansion of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

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Justin Carroll, Danny Edwards Jr. win at Langley Speedway for their fathers

Justin Carroll's first win at Langley Speedway and Danny Edward Jr.'s first win in three years serve as tributes to their dads on Father's Day weekend.

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Penniman, the lost Williamsburg-area WWI boom town

World War I spawned the sudden birth of the nation's largest artillery shell-loading plant near Williamsburg.

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