Is spring break safe? Public officials warn students of increased danger as vacations begin

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March 14, 2019



Is spring break safe? Public officials warn students of increased danger as vacations begin

In recent years, public officials have raised concerns that spring break is becoming rowdier, putting college students at risk.


History, Hollywood and a wall at New York's first St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The fascinating history at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral includes attacks by anti-immigrant mobs and a scene in “The Godfather.” Daily tours offered by Tommy’s New York tell these stories and more, ending with a candlelit visit to the underground catacombs.


2,500 days at sea and counting for South Florida woman who is the queen of Princess cruise ships

For the past 30 years, South Florida resident Ilene Weiner has traveled on Princess cruise ships around the world. In fact, she’s been on 282 cruises and has logged 2,500 days at sea. The Highland Beach resident was named as the cruise line’s “most travelled guest.”


17 Chicago hotel lobbies even locals should visit

Here are some of our favorite hotel lobbies in Chicago's hotels.


There is an entire cookbook dedicated to Wisconsin cheese. The featured creameries are worth a road trip.

Milwaukee writer Kristine Hansen's new book on Wisconsin cheese is a delicious road map to the Dairy State's creameries and other cheesy spots worth a visit.

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