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November 15, 2018

When you realize it's only Thursday...


He Could Happen To You…
You Can Now Watch the Full First Episode of Dirty John
Watch an early premiere of Dirty John.


Going Even Further Below Deck...
Are Captain Lee's Underpants the Breakout Star of Below Deck?
What does being a tighty whitey guy say about Captain Lee?


Housewife to Housewife
Brandi Redmond Reveals Why She Would Love to Be on Vanderpump Rules

Margaret Josephs and Brandi Redmond reveal their craziest fan encounters, least favorite Housewives, and more! 


A Top Chef Touchdown
Up Your Tailgate Party With This Mac & Cheese Recipe From Top Chef's Chris Scott
Mac and cheese lovers, unite!


Here’s what you might’ve missed this week…

Your First Look at the Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Reunion!
Tension is in the air.


Jenni Pulos on Her Rift with Jeff Lewis
Jenni Pulos responds to what Jeff Lewis said about their broken friendship when he was in the Clubhouse, and Andy Cohen says how sad their fight is making him feel


Key dates for the week ahead

11/16: Bravo Home Buying It Blind, Get A Room with Carson & Thom, Sweet Home

11/19: Flipping Out Season Finale                      


Nov 17
r. Heavenly Kimes


Nov 17
Ramona Singer


Nov 21
Cameran Eubanks


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