IT Weekly Newsletter June 25, 2018 (Vol 18 #25)

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IT Weekly Newsletter June 25,

(Vol 18 #25)


Ask WHY first.

If you dont
know WHY, the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHO dont matter!


49 Articles across 14 Subjects for the Week of
6-6-15-18 to 6-21-2018


Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with
the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.

Adams (1952 2001) English Writer, Humorist, and Dramatist








Selecting A


Four Pillars of Invisible Infrastructure

Connectivity: Methods And

Native SW Development

Avoid A Breach

Technical Migrations


Rethinking Data Strategy

GDPR First Steps

GDPR 'Mobile Loophole'


Back On Track


Don't Connect These


Threat Modeling

Tesla And The Importance Of
User Permissions

CISO's First 100 Days

22 Business Mistakes

Blockchains Top Priority

Integrating Blockchain By 2021

Retaining Staff

Manager Material Indicators

Four Faces Of

Mobile Devices

Credential abuse attacks

GDPR 'Mobile Loophole'

Networks / Internet

Hidden Tunnels' Help Hackers

How To Use The Ping

Don't Connect These

10 Key Interview Questions

3GPPs 5G Standards

SDN Reduces Deployment Times

Antenna Primer

Weaponizing IPv6

Four Faces Of Fraud

Security's Best-Kept Secret

Project Management

Process Ownership

Rabbit Sense

Effective Data Visualization

Working From Home

Eat the Frog Later

Walt Disney's Career Habits


Threat Modeling

Employee Negligence

'Hidden Tunnels' Help Hackers

Tesla And The Importance Of
User Permissions

Credential abuse attacks

CISO's First 100 Days

Connected Cars Can Lie

Increasingly Common Phishes

Tesla's Insider Saboteur

User Buy-In To Policies

Avoid A Cloud Breach

Robust DDoS Defense Principles

Different Corporate Mindset

Blockchains Top Priority

Containerized Apps Checklist

Networks Best-Kept Secret

Social Media

Credential Abuse Attacks


What Is NVMe

End-to-end NVMe arrays


USB-C Problems

Choosing An AI Strategy

Carbon Nanotube Optics

Cryptocurrency Not Ready For Prime Time

Graphene's 5 Minute Battery Charge

Expanding Lithium-Ion Batteries By 300%




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Take care, have a great week and always remember


"There is always something to learn"

Andrea Bocelli (1958 - ) Italian Classical



Warren Avery

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