Jargon-Free: How to Sell Programmatic Ads; NYC, Nov. 16th: Few Seats Left

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How to Sell Programmatic Advertising

November 16, 2017 NYC

Small Group Intensive Seminars


Are you keeping up with the evolution and disruption of advertising revenue streams?  

If buyers want automated advertising, why do we need sales people?  Advertising buyers can buy impressions on open Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) exchanges.  How does a sales person or sales department get involved with that?

This seminar will cut throught the jargon for publishers and ad-sales executives, giving you a strategy and tactics for success.

The biggest success of publishers using programmatic revenue streams is built through sales...relationship driven sales of programmatically delivered 'private exchange' deals, or "PMPs," that utilize first-party data from your media company.  That is how you offer a competitive advantage to your customers.  

Media buyers are seeking competitive advantage for their clients.  Every advertiser has a competitor.  Sales people can help their customers gain an edge through private market place programmatic deals.  

If Ford and Chevy Trucks are both targeting truck shoppers with programmatic buying targeting truck intenders using data that is publicly available to both, how can one gain a competitive edge?  That is were media companies and ad-sales excellence comes in.

Join us to learn how to win the greatest revenue for your property by utilizing the automated processes of programmatic, while leveraging your own first-party data and preserving the selective nature of your premium environments.

How to Sell Programmatic Advertising, for sales people and sales management/strategists. Every seller of digital advertising must be prepared to address programmatic advertising sales, either by employing programmatic delivery and leveraging first-party data, or by selling against competitors who are offering programmatic execution. Every media company can sell programmatic advertising.  Learn the basics of how you can sell programmatic services, audience extension, or build and leverage your first-party data.  Learn the platforms to use, the pricing strategies and success examples.

About the seminar creator and leader:  Daniel Ambrose has been advising digital and analog publishers on revenue and growth strategies since 1994 when he formed his consulting business ambro.com, corp. Learn more about Ambrose and the 80-plus clients he has worked with here.

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