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This is becoming the Fyre Fest of crowdfunding. Is this interest remix not displaying correctly? | View it in your browser. Fidlar in Long Beach, Calif., June 30, 2018. Their third album, "Almost Free," is out today on Mom + Pop.
(Scott Dudelson/Getty Images) Friday - January 25, 2019 Fri - 01/25/19 “This is becoming the Fyre Fest of crowdfunding.”
-  Anonymous indie-rock manager, on financial troubles at PledgeMusic rantnrave:// Meet the new accounts payable boss, same as the old accounts payable boss. PLEDGEMUSIC's problem paying artists isn't breaking news, but it went a little viral again this week when BOB LEFSETZ devoted an issue of his LEFSETZ LETTER to the $20,000 the crowdfunding company owes the band FASTBALL and then published responses a day later from 30 other dissatisfied artists and artist reps who aren't getting paid (and often aren't getting their calls returned either). BILLBOARD and other sites picked up the ball and the company was forced to acknowledge, apologize, promise to fix "within the next 90 days" (context: that's three long government shutdowns), and, weirdly, brag about how much money it's paid out to artists (context: not enough, obviously). There's another way the PledgeMusic story isn't breaking news, and it's what makes this especially heartbreaking. Artists have been the victims of suspicious accounting since long before anyone knew what crowdfunding was. The music industry of the last century was infamous for the creative ways it employed to underpay them, and it kept finding new ways well into the digital age. Services like PledgeMusic were explicitly built to make things better for artists. To be transparent. To be accessible. To improve on the "sorry, but you're still unrecouped" math of the late 20th century and the "10 pennies for 10,000 plays" math of the early 21st century. To be artist-friendly. There's nothing less artist-friendly than not paying them what they're owed when they're owed it. And that's the promise that was broken here: the promise to be better, to be different, to be a path forward. Billboard quotes a producer whose band, OHGR, is owed $100,000. He told a PledgeMusic rep he was going to go public with his experience and the response was, "Do you really think anyone would care?" The next music industry, the transparent one, the one that works, will be built around more than data and metadata. It will be built around people who know the answer to that question... DAN REED's four-hour-long and already controversial MICHAEL JACKSON documentary, FINDING NEVERLAND, is among the music docs screening at SUNDANCE, which kicks into high gear this weekend. Also: STANLEY NELSON's wide-ranging MILES DAVIS: BIRTH OF THE COOL; the first two episodes of SACHA JENKINS' WU-TANG CLAN: OF MICS AND MEN; NICK BROOMFIELD's MARIANNE & LEONARD: WORDS OF LOVE, chronicling the relationship between IHLEN and COHEN, and A.J. EATON's DAVID CROSBY: REMEMBER MY NAME, which, if it does nothing more than let its famously blunt subject talk for 95 minutes, will leave you remembering a lot more than that. On Sunday, Sundance has the premiere of GURINDER CHADHA's feature BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, about a Pakistani boy in 1980s Britain obsessed with the music of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. Springsteen licensed a number of songs for it, and FEIST, the HEAD & THE HEART and PATTY GRIFFIN are among the artists who'll pay tribute to it at the fest's Celebration of Music in Film concert Saturday night... Not paying quite as much tribute to music in film will be the OSCARS, which reportedly is making room for only two of the five Best Original Song nominees to be performed this year... It's FRIDAY and that means new music from DAWN, BOOGIE, WILLIAM TYLER, DREEZY, MIKE KROL, RAT BOY, LEYLA MCCALLA, RUDIMENTAL, MONO, FIDLAR, SUNFLOWER BEAN, BASSEKOU KOUYATE & NGONI BA, BLOOD RED SHOES, SANTANA, VANGELIS, JULIA KENT, SNEAKS, JULIA MICHAELS, BACKSTREET BOYS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, JOE LOVANO/MARILYN CRISPELL/CARMEN CASTALDI, JUAN WAUTERS, DJ KAY SLAY, LULA WILES, SADA BABY, SWALLOW THE SUN, GUM TAKES TOOTH, MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD, KEUNING, KID KOALA, SAY ANYTHING, SWERVEDRIVER, RIVAL SONS, DANDY WARHOLS, WATERMELON SLIM and the BEAT FEATURING RANKING ROGER... Plus new old music from ERIC DOLPHY and the soundtrack to TIM LAWRENCE's book LIFE & DEATH ON THE NEW YORK DANCE FLOOR... RIP RITA VIDAURRI and NACHO NAVA. - Matty Karas, curator danity kane Slate Can Mozart Survive #MeToo? by Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch Mozart’s operas seem to glorify the behavior of bad men. But listen closely. The New York Times Hundreds of Punks Hit the Desert. The Modern Music Festival Was Born. by Jenn Pelly From 1983 to 1985, Stuart Swezey organized a series of guerrilla punk shows in Southern California. His new film, “Desolation Center,” tells their story. Complex From E-40 to Blueface: The Timeless Impact of the Offbeat Flow by Trey Alston Everyone is talking about viral sensation Blueface rapping offbeat, but the flow is far from new. Billboard PledgeMusic, Once a Crowdfunding Haven for Artists, Now Owes Them Thousands of Dollars by Colin Stutz "I can deal with failure, I can deal with excuses, but incompetence is just something that drives me crazy," says Fastball manager Peter Wark. "Just tell me what the f***'s up." BBC News The mystery tracks being 'forced' on your Spotify by Jonathan Griffin Mysterious musicians have cropped up on Spotify accounts. How did they get there - and do they point to a security problem? The Paris Review On Randy Travis's Distinctive Whine by Drew Bratcher In the end, as in the beginning, what I loved first and foremost about Randy Travis was his voice. It was the whine that resonated, that wavering, wind-burred bellow, the sadness and the apathy of it, the pathetic beauty. UPROXX How Futura Shaped Art And Streetwear -- From Punk Rock To The Present by Eli Morgan Gesner If there’s one thread between the graffiti boom, punk rock of the 80s, the golden age of hip-hop, and our modern streetwear movement, it’s Futura. He’s the nexus point. He toured with The Clash, he dated Madonna, he hung out with Basquiat. In this episode of "The Masters," we dive deep on Futura. Variety Clouting Our Judgment: Are Labels Overspending for SoundCloud Hype? by Nick Jarjour Are we living in a gilded age or in a glut? The Washington Post Hollywood brightened Lady Gaga's star. Las Vegas will protect her from oblivion by Chris Richards It's Saturday night in Las Vegas, and Lady Gaga is doing that cataleptic-in-victory thing -- an applause-bathing pose in which the singer's freeze-tagged frame sponges up the hot rumble of 10,000 clapping hands while her cold eyes shoot death beams into the middle distance. Who's she staring at? Vulture How Death, Dismemberment, and Jesus Helped 'Baby Shark' Become a Hit by Dan Reilly Thousands of adults already knew the song from their childhoods, though in most cases the version they remember probably involved eating swimmers' legs or being reincarnated with some help from Jesus. diddy dirty money Noisey Why I Booked an Anti-Fascist Metal Festival by Kim Kelly Fest organizer (and Noisey metal editor) Kim Kelly explains how Black Flags Over Brooklyn 2019 is both a labor of love and a call to action. Daily Mail Online Here are the financial docs forged by Fyre fraudster Billy McFarland by Chris Spargo Billy McFarland managed to scam over $26 million from deep-pocketed moneyman and image-obsessed millennials in the lead-up to his disastrous Fyre Festival with the help of forged documents. Soundfly We Analyzed Every Dang Song That Cracked the Billboard Top 5 in 2018 by Dean Olivet Here are 2018’s trendiest tonalities, keys, tempos, and more - PLUS individual stats and commentary for all 40 songs. Dazed Digital The story of Kemistry and Storm, the unsung pioneers of drum & bass by Becca Inglis 20 years ago, the Metalheadz duo released their seminal DJ-Kicks mix - here, Goldie, B.Traits, Mumdance and more reflect on their legacy. MusicAlly 'Music is the new yacht' -- trends in music/tech investment by Stuart Dredge The recorded-music industry has returned to growth, but what impact is that having on external investors like VC funds and high-net-worth individuals? The New York Times Kodak Black Grapples With Tough Questions in His Music, but Nowhere Else by Jon Caramanica The 21-year-old rapper has proven he can be introspective. But on his latest album, “Dying to Live,” and in interviews, he’s demonstrated little desire to discuss his own morality. Billboard How Comedy Central's 'The Other Two' Makes Fake Pop Songs Sound Real Good by James Grebey The show about what happens to two siblings when their 13-year-old brother becomes a Justin Bieber-esque sensation got real help from pop songwriter Leland. Creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider take Billboard inside their process. Afropunk Rest in Power ‘Tuku Music’ Master Oliver Mtukudzi by Piotr Orlov The Zimbabwean guitarist, singer-songwriter and activist didn't choose political sides, but his music served the people, crossing musical and social borders. Bloomberg Sonos Plans Headphones in Move Outside the Home by Mark Gurman and Debby Wu Speaker maker Sonos Inc. is planning to expand beyond the home with high-end headphones, according to people familiar with the plans. Toronto Star At 56, Corey Hart surrendered and returned to the studio and the stage by Ben Rayner The Canadian pop star had pretty much retired, but his children and Bob Ezrin convinced him to share his music with the world again. MUSIC OF THE DAY YouTube "New Breed" Dawn Title track from "New Breed," out today on Local Action. “REDEF is dedicated to my mother, who nurtured and encouraged my interest in everything and slightly regrets the day she taught me to always ask ‘why?’”


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