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Disco was intergenerational and multicultural. It didn't matter what your socioeconomic status or sexual orientation was... The world puts you in a box, but when you're on the floor dancing, and you grab somebody's hand, it doesn't matter whose hand it is. That's what disco gave to the world. Is this interest remix not displaying correctly? | View it in your browser. Chic (from left: Luci Martin, Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards, Alfa Anderson) in London, October 1979.
(Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty Images) Tuesday - February 05, 2019 Tue - 02/05/19 “Disco was intergenerational and multicultural. It didn't matter what your socioeconomic status or sexual orientation was... The world puts you in a box, but when you're on the floor dancing, and you grab somebody's hand, it doesn't matter whose hand it is. That's what disco gave to the world.”
-  Alfa Anderson, Chic singer rantnrave:// MAROON 5, TRAVIS SCOTT and BIG BOI performed essentially for free at the SUPER BOWL (but hey, think of the exposure, dudes) (no, not that exposure), but their colleagues who licensed songs to the commercials made no such deal. Those syncs pay in exposure plus oodles of cash. Up to a million bucks for the publishing on a A-list tune and up to another million bucks for the master, even for just a few seconds of the song, BILLBOARD reports. Which means that $10 million-ish PEPSI spot featuring 8 seconds of "I LIKE IT" might have cost more like $12 million-ish, and that's before you've paid CARDI B or anyone else to actually be in the ad. I know what you're thinking: Wow, $00.00331 per SPOTIFY stream looks like a really, really bad payout compared to that. But of course, as digital services love to argue, only one person is listening to that Spotify stream, whereas the Super Bowl had an audience of 98 million. And if 98 million people streamed that song one time each on Spotify, at that per-stream rate, suddenly the payout would be a respectable $324,380. Add in the millions more people who'll see the ad on YOUTUBE or when it plays on TV again and the per-eyeball rates are getting even closer. And there's this: Spotify pays in cultural exposure, too. Remove "I Like It" from a year's worth of Spotify (and APPLE and YOUTUBE and TIDAL) playlists, and maybe Pepsi doesn't want to spend one or two million bucks on it anymore. So that's part of what streaming is worth, too. At least for some artists. Consider this a pro-digital public service announcement. Today I'm here to tell you a third of a penny per stream might not be such a bad payout. Tomorrow I may set out to prove myself wrong... Meanwhile, in the continuing effort to make sure everyone who's owed a third of a penny gets a third of a penny, the NATIONAL MUSIC PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, which is hoping to run the new Mechanical Licensing Collective created by the MUSIC MODERNIZATION ACT, has launched a website for its proposed collective, appointed board members (including songwriter activists DAVID LOWERY and KAY HANLEY) and revealed endorsements for its pitch from across the label and publishing worlds. At least one other group, spearheaded by the POLICE's STEWART COPELAND and SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA president (and country songwriter) RICK CARNES, is pitching to administer mechanical licensing under the MMA. The US COPYRIGHT OFFICE has the final say on who gets the gig... Mastering, minus the mastering engineer... Yes, singers are "musicians"... Yes, you have a Constitutionally protected right to fire your drummer, at least according to a California appeals court... Owner of Canada's SUNRISE RECORDS buys, saves HMV... Recent TINY DESK concerts: CAT POWER. BLOOD ORANGE. BUDDY... RIP DON GRIERSON and KIYOSHI KOYAMA. - Matty Karas, curator sister sledge Longreads The Paths of Rhythm by Hanif Abdurraqib A Tribe Called Quest’s pioneering music is one of many filaments that connects Americans of color with each other now and back through time. (Excerpted from "Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest," by Hanif Abdurraqib.) Highsnobiety Why Are We Still So Reluctant to Hold Musicians Accountable? by Jake Hall It can often take ages (if at all) for public opinion to hold unsavory public figures accountable for this misdeeds. We can't help but wonder, why? Fast Company Meet the 9 startups that Techstars believes can disrupt the music industry by KC Ifeanyi From AI replicating famous voices to digital music therapy, these are the 2019 companies being incubated in Techstars Music Accelerator. Refinery29 Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: Every Trick You Need To Seduce Someone With A Playlist by Courtney E. Smith Keep me humming, keep me moaning - the fine art of using music to seduce someone comes with some rules you have to follow. Variety Songs for Screens: Super Bowl Synchs Hold Steady for Music Publishers Despite Ratings Dip by Andrew Hampp Michael Bublé, Bob Dylan, Frank Ocean, Queen, Cardi B and the Who were among those getting a piece of the action in Bowl commercials. Talkhouse The Spectacle and Sensation of Shania Twain by Robbie Fulks “You don’t like sports,” a sideman in my band once told me, “but you have to admire Michael Jordan, because that’s not just sports—that’s perfection.” Point taken.  The New York Times Sara Bareilles Sang 'She Used to Be Mine.' Now Fans Are Making It Theirs by Michael Paulson The song, written for the pregnant protagonist of “Waitress,” has been claimed, unexpectedly, by men, children and singers of all sorts. Billboard Plastic Problems? U2 and Other Acts Experiment with Disposable Cup Alternative by Dave Brooks As more concert and venue operators look to reduce the amount of waste they create each year, plastic cups and straws have come under increasing scrutiny for the amount of damage they do to the environment. The Daily Beast 'Lords of Chaos': How the Godfathers of Norwegian Black Metal Became Murderers by Nick Schager Filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund’s latest tells the real-life story of Mayhem, a Norwegian black metal band whose demonic members unleashed mayhem and bloody murder. The Atlantic Death Metal Grandma by Emily Buder A nonagenarian Holocaust survivor reinvents herself with heavy-metal music. david bowie Pitchfork Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: A Game Everyone Lost by Maura Johnston Their eight-song set was defined by who wasn’t there. Also, Adam Levine’s unfortunate lack of shirt. The Associated Press Adam Levine's Super Bowl Nipple Reveal Prompts Backlash The bare-chested moment Sunday had some feminists and Janet Jackson supporters focused on how male and female nipples are treated differently in life, especially on network TV and by the NFL years after Jackson’s career was derailed by a split-second halftime reveal. Music Business Worldwide Music Modernization Act: Labels and publishers back NMPA’s bid to run new mechanical rights society by Tim Ingham Universal, Sony and Warner, as well as indies, support publisher org's application. The New Yorker Roomful of Teeth Is Revolutionizing Choral Music by Burkhard Bilger From death metal to throat singing to alpine yodelling, the experimental group is changing what it means to harmonize. The Washington Post Is Tiesto the Wayne Newton of the 21st century? by Chris Richards This is the city where Americans go to have big fun doing things that seem absolutely terrible, and on a recent Saturday night, hundreds of them went to see Tiesto. These bacchanalians were no dopes. WTF with Marc Maron WTF with Marc Maron: Episode 991 -- Anderson .Paak by Marc Maron and Anderson .Paak Long before Anderson .Paak was getting nominated for Grammy Awards, well before his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip, before he was releasing solo albums to critical acclaim, he had already walked away from the music business and had to be talked into returning. Music Business Worldwide 'Independent' music continues to be romanticized. But what does it really mean? by Matt Brinkworth Matt Brinkworth of Omnian Music Group reflects on the true meaning of 'indie' in 2019. The Creative Independent I am not the next big thing: on creativity and aging by Mike Pace What happens when the context of your creative output changes, but the passion remains? PopMatters Bobbie Gentry's Box of Surprises by Charles Donovan Universal's Bobbie Gentry collection was the hit that caught 2018 unawares. PopMatters talks to four Gentry commentators about what the enigmatic singer/songwriter was really like and asks just why it was she left showbiz behind in 1980. Motherboard TikTok Can't Save Us from Algorithmic Content Hell by Caroline Haskins A young woman wears a grey t-shirt that reads "Back the Blue" and shows the Blue Lives Matter version of the American flag. MUSIC OF THE DAY YouTube "At Last I Am Free" Chic "I can hardly see in front of me." Nile Rodgers says he wrote this, on acid, after seeing New York cops beat up a friend. “REDEF is dedicated to my mother, who nurtured and encouraged my interest in everything and slightly regrets the day she taught me to always ask ‘why?’”


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