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Dear  Do,

I'm banding together with the Shift Network to spread this beautiful impulse to deepen our connection today.

With 7 million people traveling to the “zone of totality” and almost 200 million Americans able to see a partial eclipse, the Great American Eclipse will be a massive event for our country. 

It’s the ONLY total eclipse to cross our whole country and no other since our nation began!

We see this as a golden opportunity to reconnect with our deeper values and commit to healing, uplifting and unifying our country.

That’s why we’re launching a special American Evolution Eclipse Meditation program on Monday.

We’re inviting people to gather outdoors in community circles for the entire time the eclipse is underway.

RSVP here:
to participate in the American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017

Our intention is to use this time to connect with our founding ideals, heal our divides, and move forward with positive actions in service to creating an upgrade to American democracy.

Before the total eclipse makes landfall, we begin at 9:04 am Pacific with an 80-minute program featuring inspiring leaders including Marianne Williamson, Grandmother Mona Polacca, Stephen Dinan, Sandra Ingerman, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Rev. Sylvia Sumter, and Andrew Harvey.

They will help you to attune to the deeper potential in this moment, amplify your positive intentions, and understand the eclipse from a higher perspective.

You can then engage in prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices with friends and neighbors to create a spirit of new possibility, closing with gratitude and commitments to action.
Almost every culture ascribes symbolic meaning to solar eclipses, ranging from fearsome breakdowns to unexpected breakthroughs.
We invite you to join with us to use this unique opportunity to support an upgrade of our democracy through small circles of concerned citizens.  And if you live in another country, we invite you to join in solidarity and pray for the upliftment of the United States.
RSVP here: to participate: American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017.

And please do spread the word widely!

With love,
PS - We particularly encourage circles that mix people of different races, religions, and political orientations as a fulfillment of our motto, E Pluribus Unum. If you gather in a park, we encourage you to place a sign out to welcome anyone who may pass by so they know what you are doing and that they are welcome.
Together, we can make America a shining example for the world and create an American Evolution to build on the American Revolution!

RSVP here: to participate: American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017.



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