Join us Online to Address the Culture Chasm in Your Organization - February 23

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Dear John,

Are you experiencing a culture chasm?

Our latest research shows your company is most likely suffering from a culture chasm. Specifically, leaders say they want a culture characterized by innovation, initiative, and candor while employees say what’s really valued is obedience, predictability, and deference to authority.

So why are your leaders out of touch? It’s because you likely have a culture of silence where people feel unsafe to address concerns and hold others accountable.

Join us on February 23 at 1 pm ET for a 1-hour overview of the program, followed by a 20-minute deeper dive into implementation next steps (this portion is highly recommended for those looking to implement Crucial Accountability training in their organizations).

In this online event, you will:

Learn the high-leverage skills of top performers—skills that help people hold others accountable in a way that improves relationships while securing results.
See multiple delivery options for bringing the training into your organization.

You're Invited

Date & Time
Thursday, Feb 23
1:00-2:30 p.m. EST 


JD Taylor
 Master Trainer



Note: This event is not training. It is a preview event designed for decision-makers and leaders interested in learning how to implement Crucial Accountability in their organization.

See what more than 1.5 million people and three hundred of the Fortune 500 already know about changing their organizations for good.

Best Regards,
The VitalSmarts Events Team
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