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Cyril Lani Pahinui

Please Join Us September 15th at 8:00pm for the 2017 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert Webcast

....Special mahalo nui to Jeff Peterson and Sean Robbins for representing Pahinui Style Ki ho'alu at this event.
      The National Heritage Fellowship is a lifetime honor presented to master folk and traditional artists by the National Endowment for the Arts. The Fellowship is the United States' highest honor in the folk and traditional arts

"E hi pu ia kakou I ka 'imi 'ana

I ka ho'oilina Hawai'i. 

Aia no ia I ka olelo makuahine,

a me na mo'olelo o ka 'aina aloha

a me na oli mai na kupuna mai"


Let us join together in the quest

For knowledge of Hawaiian heritage

That is in the language,

The history of the beloved land and

Of the chants as told us by our ancestors. 
I am humbled to receive and bring this honored recognition to Hawaiian music and to my kupuna who so generously shared their aloha and music. I was born on April 21, 1950, and grew up on the Hawaiian Homestead in Waimanalo at the foot of the Ko'olau Mountains on the windward side of Oahu. I started playing music from the time I could hold an ukulele, began learning slack-key at age seven, and performed on stage for the first time when I was 12. I grew up with four sisters and five brothers, and we all learned music in the traditional way, by listening and watching my dad, Gabby Pahinui and other musicians, nana ka maka; ho'olohe ka pepeiao, pa'a ka waha, which means "watch with the eyes, and listen with the ears."
My dad, learned Ki ho'alu as a child and felt it was a very unique and valuable asset for preserving both Hawaiian traditional music and also Hawaiian language which was "outlawed" at that time. He recorded a song given to him, Hi'ilawe, which became his "trade song." This was the first recording of this now very popular song and also the first slack-key recording ever produced. The second recording of slack-key was also made by my dad, Gabby, a medley of songs that has recently been included in the Library of Congress collections.
My father began to encourage many of his musician friends to learn the tunings of their families and to use them in their performances. As well, he traveled throughout the islands learning from the kupuna and also developed several of his own unique tunings. He encouraged his musician friends and his children to combine these tunings to create a unique and fuller sounding music that is still recognized and has never been matched even today. This style is now known as the "Pahinui Style."  My father encouraged us to learn this style, as many tunings as we could, and to "stick to our Hawaiian music."  I have spent my lifetime continuing my dad's legacy and building my own through my own music performed in this Pahiuni-family style. 
Me ka ha'aha'a, Cyril
Learn More About the National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship
We Stay Coming Seattle!
Please join us November 19, 2017
The Na'alehu Theatre and Pahinui Productions are pleased to announce the:                                                          
9th Annual Seattle Slack Key Festival sponsored by Outrigger Reef and Hawaiian Airlines features many of Hawai'i's Master Musicians including: Ledward Kaapana, George Kuo, Jeff Peterson, Kunia Galdeira, Sonny Lim, Kamuela Kimokea, Bobby Moderow, Patrick Landeza, Clayton Kaneshiro, George I and more. Emcees Skylark Rossetti and Braddah Gomes and Hula Halau Pulamahiaikelikolehua add to this fantastic line-up. We'll also enjoy Hawai'i's tropical flowers and prize drawings.
NEW LOCATION (Due to ADA Compliance Renovations): 
The show is at: Highline Performing Arts Center 
November 19th, 1:00 to 6:00pm. Doors open at 12:00pm. 
Highline Performing Arts Center is located at: 401 S 152nd Street 98148 in Burien, WA  Get Seattle Slack Key Festival Tickets NOW!
Please Save the Date: 
April 21, 2018  
9am to 6pm
th Annual 
Gabby Pahinui Waimānalo Kanikapila at 
Waimānalo Beach Park
This annual gathering of Hawai'i's best musicians honors Gabby Pahinui and the musical heritage of Waimānalo. 
Support this FREE event!
Available Soon: 
Get your Collectible Limited Edition T-shirts online at:
If you find yourself in Waikiki please visit the Gabby Pahinui Statue at Beach Walk.
Unveiling this statue of my father, Gabby, is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. I am both humbled and grateful to Outrigger for this tremendous honor and for making this dream come true. With this lasting portrayal, Gabby will be permanently recognized as a music icon in Hawai'i, and his bronze likeness will be something that our city, state, and Hawaiian music fans around the world can celebrate and be proud of.
This statute is not just a piece of artwork that portrays Gabby's spirt and aloha for music, it is a symbol that will define the legacy of Hawaiian music for generations to come and solidify its sense of place in Waikiki.
Among my fondest memories is an afternoon when I was seven years old and had been sent away to play by my parents. Instead, I hid behind the fence to watch and listen to my father jamming with Atta Isaccs and Sonny Chillingworth. The sound their guitars made together brought tears to my eyes. At that moment, I promised myself that I would learn from them, play like them, and carry their music and legacy forward. It is a commitment I has pursued from that day until today. My guitar is a constant companion, and my playing is always straight from the heart, in a way that would make my kupuna proud. This statue carries that commitment into the future. It is a symbol of my love for my masters and Hawaiian music and is offered with aloha for all those I have played for, played with, or taught, and especially those who just came out to listen. 
Cyril Pahinui Hi'ilawe
Pahinui Productions and Ki'i Graphics are pleased to announce Cyril Pahinui, Hi'ilawe, a definitive live solo 12 String guitar album that captures the spontaneous authenticity and heartfelt aloha of four momentous concerts recorded in 1992, '93, and '94.
This is the closest you can get to experiencing Cyril's virtuosity and these renowned slack-key festivals at the height of Hawai'i's Music Renaissance. We hope you enjoy the show...
BONUS: Your purchase directly supports alternative care expenses for Cyril Pahinui including Lomi, La'au Lapa'au and Poi delivered weekly from Waipio Valley and includes a $1 donation to the Waipio Valley Community Association for Land Acquisition, Conservation and Management.
.....the Legacy of Hi'ilawe
After a weekend of music, lessons, and luʻau, Cyril and a small group of friends set off to hike to the HI'ilawe waterfall. This was not going to be just a hike up and back. It included guitars, video cameras, and a tape recorder, all wrapped in industrial black plastic bags.
On arriving at the waterfall, Cyril immediately perched on a large boulder at the base and repeatedly sang to his muse. From where he sat, Cyril could feel the spray and mist from the main part of Hi'ilawe Falls as it dropped the 1,300 feet after its initial drop of 150 feet.
Get more of this and many other of our memorable stories in the liner notes included with this CD. Stories are what bind us together-stories of love, stories of life, stories of the land. Ultimately, these are part of a larger story-Hawai'i's musical story. By collecting these musical stories of Cyril's life, this album celebrates the larger story that Akua is writing among us all.
Available NOW at
Cyril Pahinui| Pahinui Productions / Ki'i Graphics| 808-896-1911||
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