Kavanaugh complaints go to 10th Circuit | Harvard, NYU law reviews face bias suits | State's death penalty struck down

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Friday, October 12, 2018

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Chief Justice Roberts refers ethics complaints against Kavanaugh to 10th Circuit

A Message From Thomson Reuters

Are You Sure You're Relying on the Most Accurate Law?

Washington Supreme Court strikes down state death penalty as racially biased

Lawsuits target law reviews at Harvard and NYU, saying they favor women and minorities

DoNotPay app aims to help users sue anyone in small claims court--without a lawyer

Bryan Garner on Words

Try this quiz to evaluate your pronunciation skills

How do you say certiorari? Your mission is to identify the traditional, standard pronunciation of legal language, even if it sounds stodgy.

A Message From PeopleMap on Westlaw

How Free Public Records Searches May Cost Time and Money

Federal court in Texas declares Indian Child Welfare Act unconstitutional

Legally bombed: Young millennial lawyers, same old alcoholism

For Law Student Mental Health Day, ABA groups focus on ways to promote well-being

We need to talk about abortion, says author of 'Scarlet A'

Sotomayor expresses 'deeply troubling concern' about solitary confinement

Meet Justice Kavanaugh's four female law clerks, a hiring first

Will California’s new bail reform law stand? ABA files amicus brief

Average price of a JD drops as class sizes decline, costing $1.5B a year in lost tuition

Lawyer in Arkansas same-sex marriage case sues co-counsel, says he denigrated her work

Judge's suit claims she was retaliated against at work for her husband's political activity

Civility reboot: Can lawyers learn to be nicer to one another?

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