Kavanaugh hearings expose divide | Elon Musk settles with SEC | Ticket app's suit drops law firm

5 months ago

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Monday, October 1, 2018

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Prosecutor who questioned Ford says evidence against Kavanaugh wouldn't merit prosecution

Kavanaugh hearings leave the country divided

Law firm is dropped from app's antitrust suit; Florida Bar fights request for hotline records

SEC, Elon Musk settle over false and misleading statements about Tesla on Twitter

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court considers whether prisoner with dementia should be executed

As its new term opens, the high court will hear new oral aguments about Alabama death row prisoner Vernon Madison.

Chemerinsky: Another blockbuster Supreme Court term is ahead

College interns get badges and chance to work with police cybercrimes unit

GOP will seek Rosenstein appearance to explain alleged Trump wire suggestion, lawmaker says

Impeached West Virginia justice files federal suit alleging a 'power grab'

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Kavanaugh nomination; Senate agrees to week delay for FBI probe

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