Kavanaugh vote could come Saturday | Why I left the law | Disbarred lawyer suspected in officer shootings

5 months ago

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Friday, October 5, 2018

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Kavanaugh confirmation vote could be Saturday

A Message From FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters

Most Law Firm Websites are Designed to Fail. Is Yours One of Them?

Your Voice:
I am a woman who left the law

Disbarred lawyer suspected in shooting of 7 South Carolina law enforcement officers

How do you say certiorari? Try Bryan Garner's quiz to evaluate your pronunciation skills

Law in Popular Culture

The merchandizing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The iconic Supreme Court justice inspires products emblazoned with her image and quotes.

Cover story: Supreme Icon
A Message From Tabs3 Software

Tabs3 Software Releases Version 19 — Combines New Look and Decades of Experience

Sedgwick's bankruptcy filing outlines what led to the law firm's downfall

Associate law dean resigns over sexist, homophobic writings

BigLaw partner deletes Twitter account after profane insult toward Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Clio acquires Lexicata, launches customer relationship product Clio Grow

LSAT will be digital-only by fall of 2019

California approves major revision to attorney ethics rules

Democratic lawmakers have standing to pursue emoluments suit against Trump, judge rules

US State Department starts denying visas to same-sex partners of diplomats and UN employees

Former law firm clients coached to lie in asylum cases may be targeted for deportation

West Virginia justice acquitted in impeachment vote as colleague's criminal trial begins

From courtroom to concert stage, this criminal defense lawyer uses her voice to push for reform

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I am a woman who left the law

I am one of the many female attorneys who show promise but never achieve “success,” leaving many asking “Why?”

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What was the most memorable CLE you've taken?

What’s the best CLE you’ve ever taken? What made you remember it? Was it the subject matter or the way the instructor presented the course? Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week’s question: How do you deal with procrastination?

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You be the judge

Clowning around

A courtroom can sometimes seem like a three-ring circus! Send us your best caption for this month's cartoon. The winner of our October challenge will see their caption and credit printed in the ABA Journal.

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Technically Legal Podcast

Chad Main, founder of alternative legal services firm Percipient, interviews legal innovators.

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