Keeping kiwi beaches the best!

2 months ago
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The Lifesavers Foundation look out for those who look out for all of us at our beaches
We've all seen the increase in population and growth of the coastal communities. Add to that the burgeoning tourism, the longer and hotter summers and you can imagine how much harder our lifesavers have to work to keep our communities safe in and around the water.
At the Lifesavers Foundation, we help to secure the funding and resources needed by our volunteer lifeguards and the surf lifesaving clubs. From Toyota Hilux vehicles and rescue boats down to defibrillators and medical supplies, we help our Beach Guardians protect everyone in and around the water.
As a part of our community, we would love it if you could give us a helping hand and click the button below to donate to our surf clubs. Your donation will make a real difference in someone's life!
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