Kohl’s Nationwide Amazon Returns Rollout | 5G’s Retail Innovation Potential | Virgin Galactic’s Public Listing Launch Prep

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Kohl’s Nationwide Amazon Returns Rollout, 5G’s Retail Innovation Potential, Virgin Galactic’s Public Listing Launch Prep
July 9, 2019
  5G-Enabled Retail
As 5G Looms, Retail Possibilities Emerge

5G mobile network technology may be coming quicker than many people expect. No matter what, it promises to transform retail – as long as merchants keep up with the push toward innovation. What’s coming first with 5G-enabled retail, and how can retailers stay a step ahead?

  Automated Retail
How Automated Retail Is Speeding Up Delivery And Checkout

Automated retail may conjure up images of robot cashiers, but beyond a few convenience stores in Japan and Korea, that sci-fi fodder hasn’t yet become reality for the wider world. What’s in store for the U.S.?  Read More...

  Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker
QSRs Bring Mobile And Digital Payments To The Table

Restaurants are aiming to provide their diners with reward offerings and payment integrations as mobile ordering gains popularity. According to the PYMNTS Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker, the volume of orders placed via mobile apps jumped a whopping 130 percent from 2016 to 2018. Here’s how QSRs are harnessing the power of technology designed for on-the-go diners in the digital age.  Read More...

  Today In Data
Innovating With Cashierless Checkout In The UK

Cashierless innovation in retail is getting a fresh boost in the U.K., with Tesco planning to open a “frictionless shopping” or “pick and go” location to consumers next year. Sainsbury’s has also opened a checkout-free store in London, where consumers can tap into a smartphone app to shop. Can cameras replace cashiers across the pond in the age of Amazon Go?  Read More...

  What's Hot Today In Retail
- Virgin Galactic To Become First Listed Human Spaceflight Company
- Facebook To Begin Taking Share Of Fan Subscription Revenue
- Kohl’s Views Amazon Returns As Key Sales Driver
- Google Suspends Fraudulent Samsung Update App
- London Transport System To Track Subway Riders
- Project Verte Launches Blockchain Marketplace For DTC Brands
- Analysts Peg Shopify As Growing Amazon Threat
- Chinese Grocery Delivery Startup MissFresh Seeks Funding
  Best of PYMNTS.com  
- Report: The Reason High-Margin Companies Pay SMB Suppliers Late
- What Really Drives Small Vendors’ mPOS Picks
- Brighterion And Elavon Strike AI Anti-Fraud Deal For The Acquiring Space
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