Lady Gaga Bringing Beauty Line To Amazon | Prime Day And eCommerce’s Future | Microsoft Set To Open Its First European Retail Store

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Lady Gaga Bringing Beauty Line To Amazon, Prime Day And eCommerce’s Future, Microsoft Set To Open Its First European Retail Store
July 10, 2019
How Beef Jerky Is Driving Digital Payments Innovation

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) jerky brands (yes, jerky brands) are driving innovation with unique flavors like matcha tea — and also with digital payment options on their eCommerce websites. Prevail Jerky Founder and CEO Glen Kohn explains what inspired the company’s founding — and how his product’s flavor and texture profile helps his jerky brand stand out in the marketplace.

  Retail Trends
Why Prime Day Is About More Than Amazon

The retail trends that will emerge from this year’s Prime Day shopping event tend to provide rough ideas about what's coming next for eCommerce. It’s not just about Amazon — it’s about what products are finding new traction online, and shoppers’ habits. As well, Amazon’s rivals will do their best to provide retail competition. Here’s how things are shaping up.  Read More...

  Digital Platforms
Can Digital Platforms Solve The Fraud vs. Friction Dilemma?

Friction-free transactions have been the holy grail for eCommerce, but enabling quick, seamless payments can come with unintended consequences. What approach should digital platforms take to fight the bane of their existence: false positivesRead More...

  Today In Data
Current Trade Practices Put Older Companies At An Advantage

Companies in the U.S. sell their products and services to each other with the expectation that they will wait weeks or months for payment, and some firms say they expect their suppliers to accept late payments because they are good customers. How are current trade credit practices typically advantageous to older companies with high profit levels, while they squeeze early-stage companies with low operating margins?  Read More...

  What's Hot Today In Retail
- Lady Gaga Beauty Line Coming To Amazon
- Microsoft To Open First European Store In London
- Etsy Unveils Free Shipping Plan For Orders Over $35
- UK Regulator Readies $123M Fine For Marriott Over GDPR Violations
- Indian Delivery Co Milkbasket Buys eGrocer PSR Supply Chain
- Groupon Does Card-Linked Deal With Prodege
- Uber Introduces New ‘Comfort’ Feature For Quiet Rides
- Facebook Launching ‘NPE Team’ Brand For Experimental Apps
  Best of  
- Mastercard Launches Early Pay Option For Gig Workers
- Report: Minding The Mobile Card Services Interest Vs. Usage Gap
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