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14th September 2018
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This week we have another excellent free article from the PI Brief Update Law Journal, as well as the usual selection of personal injury and general law news, blogs, and humour.
Personal Injury News & Free Articles
Analysis Shows Increased Cash Flow Troubles for PI Firms - Norman Kenvyn, VFS Legal Funding...
FREE article from PIBULJ.COM
QOCS has not made out of court settlements more likely and encourages dishonesty where claims proceed to trial, the Law Society claims...
New Law Journal
Serial crash for cash fraudster sentenced to 22 months...
PI Brief Update News
70 jobs saved as law firm representing Hillsborough families is taken over...
Liverpool Echo
Supreme Court to hear appeal from firm blamed for missed claim...
Law Society Gazette
Survey finds that one third of young drivers were not at fault for accident...
Claims Media
General Law News & Blogs
ICC and IBA respond to Trump administration's 'bellicose' attack on the International Criminal Court...
Everything you need to know about EU's controversial new copyright directive...
The Verge
Rufus Ballaster was interviewed this week by BBC Radio 4's PM programme on the legal implications of flying taxis and drones.
Listen to his interview (starting at 25:22) or read a FREE chapter from the book online.
Hundreds of crimes will soon be solved using DNA databases...
Technology Review
European court says UK's snooping regime breached human rights...
The Registger
Half the planet should be set aside for wildlife - to save ourselves...
New Scientist
A selection of recent and popular articles from PIBULJ.COM. Note that an account is required to read the full articles. If you haven't subscribed yet, why not try it out for one month for just £1? Click here for more info.
Faking it: Holiday Sickness Claims, An Update on the New Rules - Katherine Ettridge, Blake Morgan
As many of you may have heard in the news, tour operators have warned that British tourists could be banned from all-inclusive package holidays in some countries, or the price of going on all-inclusive holidays could rise, as there has been a huge spike in reports of holiday sickness, mostly from British tourists....
FREE BOOK CHAPTER from 'A Practical Guide to Industrial Disease Claims' by Andrew Mckie & Ian Skeate
Chapter Two – The Portals and Fixed Portal Costs in ELD Claims. The Low Value Portals in Employers Liability Claims Came into effect for any claim where the accident date is on or after 31 July 2013. The purpose of this Chapter is to examine the most important aspects of the Portals in the context of Low Value Personal Injury claims, for claims that start off with the Low Value Portal but then exit the Portal...
EXCLUSIVE: Clinical Negligence experts may have deficient knowledge of their area of expertise in new figures from the GMC and HEE. 2018 – Dr Mark Burgin
Dr Mark Burgin discusses the implications for courts of the results of freedom of information requests on three groups of doctors sitting a knowledge test...
FREE BOOK CHAPTER: Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims – from ‘A Practical Guide to Disease and Illness Claims’ by Andrew Mckie
The Small Claims Track change for personal injury cases is likely to come into effect in October 2018. This book looks at other areas personal injury practitioners have begun to focus in, including industrial disease claims. This book covers issues in relation to industrial disease, and in particular focuses on the day-to-day issues in practice that one encounters with such cases including spotting the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ quickly and efficiently, practical tips for investigation, litigation tactics, as well as a summary of the law, the important cases, and how to run these claims efficiently...
Fake Holiday Sickness Claims in Court - Miles Hepworth, FOIL & DWF
After several summers of facing gastric illness claims in the courts, this summer is set to be an altogether quieter one for insurance lawyers defending gastric illness claims. ABTA's Stop Sickness Scams campaign together with the robust approach taken by some of the larger tour operators, the focus of the Ministry of Justice alongside the wider industry interest has been remarkably successful in a relatively short space of time in discouraging holidaymakers from making fraudulent claims...
PIBULJ.TV - masterclasses from the experts
Episode 1: 'Credit Hire Masterclass: An Update, 2014' by Aidan Ellis, Temple Garden Chambers
Aidan Ellis from Temple Garden Chambers presents this comprehensive and practical one hour guide to developments in credit hire over the past 18 months.
Click here to watch a sample for free!
Queen's Counsel
This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen's Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen's Counsel Lawyer's Omnibus.
BabyBarista - OldSoak
Claire and I had a drink with one of the more eccentric characters in chambers last night (and that's saying something).
'You know, you kids should all slow down', he said. 'You're all in far too much of a rush to be getting on these days. It's all work, work, work. Careers advisers and goal-setting. Why not let fate take a hand for once? Let life flow a little more easily.'
He took a long drag on his cigar in the private smoking room which a certain wine bar continues to provide to particularly favoured barristers. He was on a roll and to be fair we had finished off six bottles of claret between the three of us.
'Not that I can understand why any of you would want to come to the Bar anyway. Who'd want a four day week sitting around in an ivory tower even when you do get paid ridiculously well?...
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