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Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel Personal Injury-Wrongful Death Newsletter - June 2015

Accidents Happen....
But Having a Good Lawyer is No Accident.
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Click on the Newsletter Article Link below to read more about this interesting subject. Workers' Compensation Benefits The federal Workers?? Compensation Act and state statutes provide benefits to employees. Under most statutes, employers are required to carry workers?? compensation insurance for employees to protect them in case of injury. A work-related injury or illness is covered by workers?? compensation insurance regardless of fault or negligence of the employer or another party. Also, when an employee accepts workers?? compensation benefits, he or she gives up the right to sue the employer for injuries sustained. An exception would be in cases where the employer intentionally caused the employee??s injuries or otherwise acted in a criminal manor. In these types of circumstances, employees may have a claim against their employers in addition to receiving workers compensation benefits for their injuries. The employer??s workers?? compensation insurance policy also gives the employer peace of mind against defending employee injury claims. Call us at 1-800-972-8144 or 516-822-7866 to discuss any concerns or issues you may have and learn about your rights. We're here to help.
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