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The Monday Edition - Oct 1, 2018
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Big on the Internet, donald trump, Matilda, Roald Dahl

Artists Brings Matilda to Life in a Statue to Stand Against Trump

By Rachel Leishman on Mon,11:58
Residing not far from Roald Dahl's home, the statue of Matilda not only shows the strength this little girl holds, but also shows her standing up against the American president, a message not lost on the women of the United States.
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AMP Featured, TV, Disney Play, Jon Favreau, Star Wars (franchise)

Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Set Pics Look Awfully Familiar

By Dan Van Winkle on Mon,10:49
The live action Star Wars TV show seems to have another light-on-precipitation location for viewers.
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Big on the Internet, Awkwafina, Saturday Night Live, things we saw today

Things We Saw Today: Awkwafina Will Be the Second Asian Woman Ever to Host Saturday Night Live

By Chelsea Steiner on Sun,6:27
In news that makes you say "yay!" followed by "WTF?", Saturday Night Live announced that Awkwafina would be hosting the show on October 6th.
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AMP Featured, News, Emma Watson, Ireland, reproductive rights

Emma Watson Pens Heartfelt Letter to Ireland’s Reproductive Justice Icon Dr. Savita Halappanavar

By Chelsea Steiner on Sun,5:58
In the Incredible Women issue of Porter magazine, Watson penned an emotional letter to Dr. Savita Halappanavar, a dentist whose tragic death in 2012 became a rallying cry for the reproductive justice movement in Ireland.
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AMP Featured, News, Elon Musk, Tesla, Twitter

Elon Musk to Pay $20 Million to the SEC and Resign as Tesla’s Chairman After Twitter Meltdown

By Chelsea Steiner on Sun,3:53
Making weed jokes on Twitter: it's all fun and games and Seth Rogen GIFs until you decide to involve your multi-million dollar car company and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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AMP Featured, TV, brett kavanaugh, Matt Damon, snl

Matt Damon Plays Raging Bro Brett Kavanaugh in Saturday Night Live‘s Season Premiere

By Chelsea Steiner on Sun,2:14
Special guest Matt Damon made a surprise appearance as Kavanaugh, giving a blisteringly funny performance that depicted Kavanaugh as a raging, overgrown frat boy.
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Big on the Internet, Gal Gadot, Kevin Spacey, Molly Ringwald, Samantha Bee, things we saw today

Things We Saw Today: Samantha Bee Has The Answer To This Awful Week

By Kate Gardner on Sat,6:08
Let's turn this rage into votes in November.
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Movies, becca gleason, Joey King, summer '03

Review: Summer ’03 Is A Messy, Heartfelt Exploration of Growing Up And Coming Of Age

By Kate Gardner on Sat,5:06
Summer '03, from writer/director Becca Gleason, is not perfect, but for a debut feature, it presents a case for her having a distinctive and powerful voice worth listening to.
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Big on the Internet, Lindsay Lohan

In Today’s Terrible Celebrity News, Lindsay Lohan Verbally Harasses Homeless Family On Instagram Live

By Kate Gardner on Sat,2:36
Just like fetch, we can stop trying to make her happen.
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Big on the Internet, DCEU, Nubia, Tiffany Haddish, Wonder Woman

Tiffany Haddish Wants To Play Nubia In Wonder Woman, So DC, Give Her A Call

By Kate Gardner on Sat,11:57
Look, DC, I know I've been making a lot of demands of you recently, but this is one you definitely need to be listening to.
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Big on the Internet, Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm, Star Wars (franchise)

Kathleen Kennedy Renews Her Contract, Sticks It To Haters

By Kate Gardner on Sat,10:11
Despite rumors and "very reliable reports" that exist only on Reddit, Kathleen Kennedy is not going anywhere.
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Movies, Avengers 4, Hawkeye, marvel studios

Possible Leaked Avengers 4 Images Tell Us New Secrets

By Kaila Hale-Stern on Fri,6:39
Leaked Avengers 4 images that appear to have originated from a toy designer could confirm some theories and introduce tantalizing new possibilities.
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Big on the Internet, Doctor Who theme song, Jodie Whittaker, Theremin

Things We Saw Today: Watch Jodie Whittaker Perform the Doctor Who Theme Song Live for Lady Gaga

By Vivian Kane on Fri,5:46
So here's a fun sentence I get to type: Please take a moment and watch Jodie Whittaker perform the Doctor Who theme song on Graham Norton's theremin, while Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Cooper watch.
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Movies & TV, Ant-Man and the Wasp, deleted scenes, Janet van Dyne

These Ant-Man and the Wasp Deleted Scenes Take Us Deeper into The Quantum Realm

By Chelsea Steiner on Fri,5:41
In the second scene, Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) shows her husband Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) around the alien world of the microverse, where she has been stranded for 30 years.
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TV, shipping, The Good Place

Why Simone Is the Perfect Addition to The Good Place Gang

By Vivian Kane on Fri,5:14
The Good Place returned last night and the new season has introduced us to a new character: Simone, Chidi's neuroscientist colleague and romantic interest. Played by Kirby Howell Baptiste of Killing Eve, Love, and Barry, Simone is brilliant and hilarious and while I know there are some angry Chidi/Eleanor shippers out there, she's the perfect addition to the show's ensemble.
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Movies, David Gordon Green, Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, ReBoot

Halloween Clip Reveals Showdown Between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers

By Princess Weekes on Fri,5:12
With the upcoming Halloween movie getting closer and closer to release, we're getting more clips to whet our appetite for the showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. And it seems like we are getting a solid look a lot sooner than expected.
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TV, Jameela Jamil, The Good Place

The Good Place Season Three Preview: Neuroscience! Demons! More Shrimp!

By Jessica Mason on Fri,5:10
Each episode of The Good Place: The Podcast tackles one episode from the series, with guests that include not only writers, actors, and directors, but prop masters, editors, special effects coordinators, and more. It’s a fun and very interesting look at how television is made, and I recommend it highly—and today, we've got the scoop on some brand new clips.
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AMP Featured, TV, raven, Starfire, Titans (live-action series)

New Titans Promos Give Us a Closer Look at Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy

By Chelsea Steiner on Fri,4:22
The three latest clips focus on Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).
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Big on the Internet, baseless speculation, DCEU, Wonder Woman 1984

Overanalyzing Every Possible Plot Point For Wonder Woman 1984

By Kate Gardner on Fri,4:18
"I have these characters that I love and this world that I love and we can make a whole new movie that’s completely unique and as strong as the first one? Of course I want to do that. But it’s not ‘more’ of anything, even though it’s evocative of everything that happened to the first one."
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Gaming, Pokémon (franchise)

How Do You Pick Your Pokémon Starter?

By Princess Weekes on Fri,3:44
How do you decide your starter Pokémon? Stats, type, overall cuteness, the coolness of future evolutions?
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