Let the Pisces full moon help you make that decision

1 month ago

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Hi friend,
When the moon turns full in Pisces tomorrow, your compassionate, empathetic side is on display. You’re ready to help anyone who needs it, and you often set your own wishes and desires aside so you can help other people obtain theirs.
Luckily, the Virgo sun offers some balance as it lends some common sense to the equation. What you want to do and what’s actually possible (or practical) is a constant tug of war within you during a Pisces full moon; when trying to exist between idealism and reality can be a real conundrum.
Because indecision is so common during this transit, a Yes-No Tarot Reading can be a much-needed voice of reason. Aren’t sure which option to choose? Afraid of repeating the same mistake again? This quick yet powerful reading gives you a helpful, honest answer that takes the guesswork out of your decision. And it’s there for you whenever you need it – no judgment!

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