Live Webinar: Craft a Picture Book That Sells!

7 months ago

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Write an Attention Grabbing Picture Book
Are you looking to write an engaging picture book that will delight young readers and fly off the shelves? During this live webinar, you'll learn how to take your picture book from inspired idea to fully-fleshed concept that grabs readers' attention-in the span of just a few hundred words! With the help of Senior Editor Blair Thornburgh, you will also learn all about todays picture book market and what is selling. Register today!
All registrants are invited to submit a picture book manuscript of up to 1000 words for critique. Please wait until after the live webinar date to submit your critique material. This allows you to make changes to your picture book manuscript based on the presentation and will ensure you receive the most helpful critique possible. All submitted picture book manuscripts are guaranteed a written critique by Blair Thornburgh, editor at Quirk Books.
The key elements that a picture book needs to get an agent's attention
What makes kids (and parents!) love a picture book
How to create characters that resonate with kids
How to format your manuscript, explain illustrations, and get your submission in shape
Writers who are actively seeking agent representation for their picture books
Writers in the middle of revising one (or several!) picture books
Writers who have always wanted to write a picture book, and are finally ready to get serious
Writers looking for expert feedback on a picture book work-in-progress
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT
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Instructor: Blair Thornburgh
Blair Thornburgh is a Senior Editor at Quirk Books, where she has edited many children's and YA titles, as well as pop culture-driven fiction and non-fiction for adults including New York Times and international bestsellers.
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