Lululemon Goes Big And Experiential | Grocery Ups Its Autonomous Delivery Game | Go-Jek Eyes Food Delivery Growth

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Lululemon Goes Big And Experiential; Grocery Ups Its Autonomous Delivery Game; Go-Jek Eyes Food Delivery Growth
July 11, 2019
The Sharing Economy’s ‘Rotating Wardrobe’ Subscription Prescription

Online platforms are providing consumers with rotating wardrobes of clothing and accessories through monthly subscriptions, while enabling them buy individual pieces at a discount. Parcel22 Owner and CEO Natasha August explains how her service works — and how the company curates the styles for its platform in the sharing economy age.

  Grocery Delivery
Grocery Retail Ups Its Autonomous Delivery Game

Supermarkets and grocery stores are among the forefront of retail innovation. That includes delivery service — specifically, autonomous delivery services. Grocery chains such as H-E-B and Kroger are trying to gain an edge. Who will win the  grocery delivery race?  Read More...

  Mobile Card Services
Mobile Card Services Give Users Real-Time Control Over Retail Purchases

Consumers have more and more shopping and payment tools available to them than ever before. But, the average consumer doesn’t know about them all. Mobile card services (MCS) can give a peek into where a child or partner is using a shared credit card in real time — and can even restrict usage at establishments deemed off-limits — so why are most consumers not using them?  Read More...

  Today In Data
Delivering Card Management To Consumers With MCS

Consumers might not know about mobile card services (MCS), but they tend to be intrigued when they learn about these features. Check this out. Read More...

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