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6 months ago

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The battle over the midterms isn't over. A U.S. judge ordered Georgia, where Democrats have accused the Republican-controlled government of voter suppression, to provide a tally of provisional ballots cast. And President Donald Trump attacked the integrity of ongoing vote counts in Senate races in Florida and Arizona, which happen to show Democratic candidates closing in on their Republican opponents. —Josh Petri

Here are today's top stories

Wildfires covering an area of about 84,000 acres have forced the evacuation of more than 150,000 people in California.

Virginia voters this week approved a measure to cut taxes on homes in flood-prone areas, perhaps encouraging more development where climate experts urge retrenchment. And it could spread to other states.

Beleaguered hedge fund managers are bracing for an industry D-Day after their worst month in seven years as investors withdraw money before the year ends.

Amazon and Apple struck a deal to get the newest iPhones, iPads and Macs into the hands of Amazon customers.

7-Eleven, the world's largest convenience store chain, has been battling its store owners for years. Now it's found a new tool in the fight: ICE.

Spotify's big plan to reshape the music business is simple: Cut out the recording labels and become one itself, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

What's Chris Anstey thinking about? The Bloomberg Managing Editor is unpacking the pronounced slowdown in China's domestic economy. While trade figures have yet to show any big hit from rising tariffs on U.S. shipments, the fifth straight monthly decline in car sales for October illustrated worries about what's being called a "consumption downgrade."

What you'll need to know tomorrow

A fifth of China's housing is empty. That's 50 million homes.Vladimir Putin is resurrecting the "Soviet Super Chicken."In a flashback to 2005, Ford is teetering on the edge of junk.Nothing dies for fashion in greater numbers than trees.JPMorgan is leading a $238 billion Brexit shift to Frankfurt.The internet is splitting in two amid the U.S. dispute with China.Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from the hospital.

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What you'll want to read tonight

America's Bounty Program Just for Drug Lords

The world of ultrahigh-value drug informants is filled with gold-colored Samsonite suitcases stuffed with $100 bills and a grim calculus. A little-known U.S. State Department program that's doled out $108 million to snitches over more than three decades is experiencing a renaissance.

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