Mars direct in Capricorn takes you all the way to the top!

5 months ago

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Mars and Capricorn work well together. They understand each other, so this transit is the time to get stuff done! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which offers a more structured environment for the Ram to thrive in, but the get-up-and-go firepower of Mars is tamed in the best way possible by this practical sign.
Accomplishing your goals right now is pretty much as easy as deciding what they are and then planning to go after them. Think before you act. Set clear goals with well-defined rewards. Re-evaluate previous goals that you’ve outgrown or aren’t precise enough. Mars in Capricorn says that you get what you want by working for it, plain and simple.
So what do you want to accomplish in September? You have the whole month ahead to do just about anything you want and starting things off with a little guidance isn’t a bad idea. Your September Horoscope has all the tips and info you need to navigate the ups and downs you’ll be facing – and it offers the advice and support to make sure you stay on top!

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