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Graduate research reveals: Money Motivates

42% of graduates site money as the main influence when deciding on a graduate role

Agency nurse pay cut is illogical and will make NHS staff shortages worse - REC

Speaking on the day that the government has introduced caps on NHS spend on agency staff, following a final decision taken on Friday, just five working days after the close of the official consultation to which many recruitment agencies responded...

Deloitte uses gaming app to attract broader range of talent

Deloitte has introduced gaming technology to its recruitment process to help identify people with skills in innovation, creativity and problem solving

Half of Brits never call in sick for work

New research from has revealed that half of Brits (49%) have never called in sick to work, with only a quarter (27%) admitting to having taken just one day off in their current job or most recent job. This follows a warning by MPs...

Graduate Recruitment: How the Market is Moving On

Few would argue that technology has revolutionised the graduate recruitment industry, making it more efficient and effective for all those involved. Engaging and attracting the very top talent has never been more crucial to organisational success,...

Provident Survey Shows 35% of Brits Haven’t Had a Pay Rise in 2 Years

With the National Minimum Wage increasing from April 2016, Provident wanted to see how far Brits can make their monthly salaries stretch. Out of nearly 2,000 respondents, 19% admitted that they struggle financially within two weeks of getting paid...

Professional hiring up 6% with financial services leading the way

Professional recruitment firms now have 6% more vacancies on their books than this time last year according to new survey data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). This is in line with the latest data from the Office for...
Chancellor’s contractor cash grab will cost UK £16.6bn, warns Danbro
As Chancellor George Osborne prepares to rubber stamp a £16.6bn cash grab from 1.6 million contractors across the UK, a leading accountancy firm has called for an urgent rethink warning the move will hit British industry hardest
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