Morning briefing: 25 places to eat in Michigan this year

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Monday, January 14, 2019
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These 25 mouthwatering Michigan eateries should be on your agenda in 2019
Foodies, take note! Well, everyone with tastebuds should pay attention to these 25 places across Michigan that are perfect for your food to-do list this year. Our eating experts that make up MLive's Michigan's Best team, Amy Sherman and John "Gonzo" Gonzalez, are making sure to revisit these eateries in 2019. From delightful desserts to simple snacks to massive meals, these places each offer something special that John and Amy just simply can't forget. Dig into this list and prepare yourself for a delicious year. MORE
Enjoy these Michigan's Best favorites and keep your New Year's resolutions
Our guide to 300-plus Michigan restaurants
Michigan lawmakers' top priorities for 2019
According to Michigan legislators, their top priorities for the 100th session of the Michigan Legislature include auto insurance reform and changes to civil asset forfeiture laws. As new faces have joined Michigan's governmental bodies, it will be interesting to see if the long-discussed auto insurance reforms will can actually get action this session. Other priorities include government transparency and repealing the pension tax. MORE
First House bills of session would require criminal conviction for most police property seizures
Kalamazoo brewery to offer private cannabis club
Recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan. That doesn't mean you can walk into your favorite bar and light up a joint. It is still illegal, after all, to use marijuana in public places. The owner of one Kalamazoo brewery wants to allow his customers to enjoy hanging out at his establishment while participating in the consumption of marijuana. So, Mark Rupert is setting aside special hours during which he will close his brewery, Rupert's Brew House, to the public and open as a private cannabis club. MORE
Marijuana social club plans opening near Flint amid legal haze
MSU restructures coaching staff, but is it enough?
While the Spartan defense had a very notable season for the right reasons, the team's offense was discussed for another reason. If you are a fan, you know MSU did not have a successful offense this year. In response to the team's problems, coach Mark Dantonio announced a staffing shake-up. But, the changes didn't include any cuts. It's the same staff with positions changed for offensive coaches. Dantonio said he values loyalty and that's why he didn't get rid of anyone, but will these changes really change anything on the field? MORE
Opinion: Dantonio gambles on loyalty while leaving legacy vulnerable
Why Dantonio believes Brad Salem will boost MSU offense
Rare U.P. property offers a river, a lake and a Lake Superior lodge
If you didn't already know, the Upper Peninsula is something special. So is this property, which would allow you to enjoy the best of northern Michigan for a price. That price? It's listed at $7.8 million. But how can you put a price tag on your own Great Lakes shoreline? Plus, this property offers a lake and a river. That's not to mention the two-story main lodge on this historic 163-acre piece of property. MORE
$3.8M estate features private lake with waterfall
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