New Cold Boot Attack Unlocks Disk Encryption On Nearly All Modern PCs

5 months ago

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What You Need To Know Today
New Cold Boot Attack Unlocks Disk Encryption On Nearly All Modern PCs
The Hacker News | Security researchers have revealed a new attack to steal passwords, encryption keys, and other sensitive information stored on most modern computers, even those with full disk encryption. The attack is a new variation of a traditional Cold Boot Attack, which has been around since 2008 and lets attackers steal information that briefly remains in the memory (RAM) after the computer is shut down.
The Worst Part About Google's Inbox Assassination
Computerworld | "You've probably heard the news by now: Google is killing off Inbox, its experimental email app that's lived alongside Gmail for the past four years. The service is set to shut down for good this coming March. It marks the end not only of some spectacularly clever ideas but also of Google's ambitious effort to reinvent email at a foundational level," writes JR Raphael.
AT&T and Verizon Want to Manage Your Identity Across Websites and Apps
Ars Technica | The four major US mobile carriers have unveiled a system that would let them manage your logins across any third-party website or app that hooks into it. "Project Verify" from a consortium of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, and Sprint, was unveiled in a demo this week. It works similarly to other multi-factor authentication systems by letting users approve or deny login requests from other websites and apps, reducing the number of times users must enter passwords.
Firms in Hurricane Florence’s Path Rush to Protect Computer Systems
CIO Journal | Information technology teams in the Carolinas are backing up critical data, giving employees the tools they need to work from home, and making emergency plans with vendors as they brace for Hurricane Florence.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
How to Make an Old Android Phone Feel New Again
Computerworld | Make your old Android phone faster, fresher, and more pleasant to use with these easy-to-follow steps.
How to Restore the Classic Themes in Chrome and Firefox
MakeUseOf | Whether you want to go back to the classic look in Chrome or Firefox, here are quick ways to get back old themes.
IT Leadership & Strategy
Reinventing IT as a Revenue Generator: 4 Steps That Work
The Enterprisers Project | IT leaders striving to create new revenue streams should consider these foundational changes.
Long Reads
Here's Every Feature Apple Might Copy from the PC for the Updated MacBook Air 13
PCWorld | When you're a laptop that hasn't been updated significantly since 2015, you have a lot of choices for upgrade features.
Rethinking the Service Experience in Jira Service Desk Cloud
Atlassian Blog | Atlassian is excited to share new features in Jira Service Desk Cloud which will help your team deliver better service and provide greater visibility into what’s happening across your organization.
SpaceX Says It Will Send Someone Around the Moon on Its Future Monster Rocket
A truly out of this world vacation.

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