[New Publisher & Book 🎉] Packt - Bash Quick Start Guide

3 months ago

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New Book Publisher: Packt! 🎉

At SitePoint, we are working on creating a curated library of the world’s best technology books – helping developers (like you) to improve their skills and progress their career.

With our new interactive reading platform, we’re bringing those books to life – with features like interactive code samples, powerful search, a developer community and much more.

Adding to our 150+ collection of books, from today you will get access to the best technology books from Packt, including: Bash Quick Start Guide!

 ...and all for the same price of just $9 /m!


Bash Quick Start Guide

Increase the power of your commands using Bash shell scripts. Implement automation, interactive system administration, filtering and transforming text input and much more..

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